Deer Lake

Deer Lake Scout CampDeer Lake is a fully developed camp with many features to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Your first impression will be that of visiting a typical, beautiful New England farm, but your experience will include memories of great lodges, challenging COPE and rock climbing, exploring amazing geological features, waterfront activities and much more.

Deer Lake covers 253 acres and every square inch is groomed to add to your enjoyment and outdoor adventure. Weekend camping is the major use of the camp but its programs include an active and robust summer day camp for youths 5-17 years old and wilderness training sessions for adventurers of all ages.


Contact Council Camping Registrar, Carolyn Cruson, at 203-876-6868, ext. 273 or e-mail to reserve your weekend at Deer Lake.


Facility Use Information




Camp Map

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Topographical map of Deer Lake 


Camping Usage Fees


Site / Facility

Scout Rate

Scout Rate


Tent Sites

$15.00 plus
$2.00 per person

$30.00 plus
$2.00 per person

Picnic Tables In Most Sites

Log Shelter

$25.00 plus
$2.00 per person

$35.00 plus
$2.00 per person

Sleeps 12, Patrol Box for Food Storage




$40.00 plus
$2.00 per person

$50.00 plus
$2.00 per person

Picnic Tables

Lean-to Sites

       (Plateau Area)

   Sites #1-#6

$60.00 plus
$2.00 per person

$70.00 plus
$2.00 per person

Sleeps 36 (6 lean-tos per site)



Lean-to Sites



$50.00 plus
$2.00 per person

$60.00 plus
$2.00 per person

Sleeps 20, 4 lean-tos per site

4-5 adults/7-8 youth per lean-to

Point Cabin*



Sleeps 17

Electricity / Water Outside / Gas Range / Wood Stove

DaRos Cabin*



Sleeps 36

Electricity / Water Outside / Gas Range / Wood Stove

Leary Hall*



Sleeps 26

Electricity / Water Outside / Gas Range / Wood Stove

Dining Hall

   with Kitchen

 Weekday Use

   with Kitchen

w/o Kitchen $250.00
w/ Kitchen $350.00

w/o Kitchen $100.00

w/ Kitchen $200.00

w/o Kitchen $350.00
w/ Kitchen $450.00

w/o Kitchen $200.00


Capacity 288
Full Kitchen / Indoor Bathrooms



(reservation required)


 Exclusive Use

Halliwell Training Center

   One Day Use


   Partial Day **












Gas Heat/Kitchenette

/Bathrooms/Multimedia projector & screen


 **8am-noon,1pm-5pm or


*  There is a $2 per person additional charge for each person over the capacity of a lodge.

Important Notes:
  • Latrines and privies are located throughout camp.
  • Showerhouse/facilities available year round.
  • Rowboat and canoe rentals are available as well as arrangements for lifeguarding:  Advance notice is required for the Camp Ranger 203-421-4040.
  • No charge for day hikes.  Check in with the Ranger is required.
  • Large barbeque barrels are available upon request.