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Is a group of fun loving volunteers working side by side with Ranger Dave dedicated to making Camp Sequassen the best of its kind - unsurpassed in support of Scouting's Programs.

Taking a lead in ensuring Sequassen's facilities and grounds are safe and in good repair, as well as supporting the many Program needs, is our mission.


Today's Maintenance Committee is a subcommittee of the Council Camping Committee, with beginnings going back to the 1960’s. As then, the committee continues to be a strong force in shaping the Camp Sequassen of today. Working closely with Ranger Dave Boyajian, Sequassen’s Maintenance Committee Chairman Pat Maxim and the committee continue in this tradition.



Mini Work Parties

Are by design smaller, primarily attended by CSMC members. Mini work parties are normally held on the second Saturday, in; September, November, January, February, March, April and June for October the weekend is chosen to avoid the Columbus Day weekend. Check the CSMC Calendar for exact dates. We meet at the Shop at 8:00 AM.


Friends of Camp Sequassen Thursday's

Is a special gathering of volunteers, sponsored by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee whose primary mission is to lend Ranger Dave a helping hand, on the Thursdays preceding CSMC sponsored work parties. We promise that when you leave at the end of the day you will be taking home a good feeling of accomplishment. Sorry you must be 18 years of age or older. 


Special Work Events

Often facilitated by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee





Mini Work Party  -  September 9, 2017 


Mini Work Party  -  October 14, 2017


Mini Work Party  -  November 11, 2017


 UNH - Alpha phi Omega Work Event - November 18, 2017



Mini Work Party  -  January 13, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  February 10, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  March 10, 2018


UNH - Alpha phi Omega Work Event - TBD


Mini Work Party  -  April 14 2018


 Major Work Party - May 19, 2018


Ordeal Work Event  -  June 2, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  June 9, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  September 8, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  October 13, 2018


Mini Work Party  -  November 10, 2018





Major Work Party - Flyer 2018


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