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Past District Award Recipients


Powahay District

Past Award Honorees


District Award of Merit -  is the highest award a district can present to a volunteer.  It is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the District level.  This award is presented at the Annual Powahay Recognition Dinner.


1975  Frank Demasi

1986  John Hanks

1989  Louis Pataki

1994  K. John Karlson

1996  Charles Scribner

1998  Valerie Trowbridge

1999  John Valenzisi

2000  Carlton Chen, Robert Priest, Sanford Rich

2001  Rev. Stephen Balint, Edward Kostowski, Frank Poholen

2002  Michael Gregorio, Francis Hult, Peter Langenus

2003  Debra Parnon, Nathan Newhall, Lloyd Sturges

2004  Francis Cooley, Peter Raho, Steve Bennett

2005  Danny Danner, Tom Sass, Andy Karwoski

2006  James Garvin, Norman Merritt, Chester Wickett

2007  Michael Kraus, Lori Lemay, Gwen Lupinek

2008  Grant Evans, Mary Ellen Burns

2009  Arnold Feintuck, Mark Greene, Rick Vitti

2010  Joellyn Gray, Roger Williams, Tom Robinson

2011 Domenic Rauccio & Kevin Smith

2012 Stephen Coe

2013 Tony D'Andrea,  Leslie Wasden

2014 Peter Riordan, Adrian Ruck

2015 Tina Nathanson, Craig Orr

2016 Cindy Allen, Thomas Williams

2017 Evan Atkins & Karen Caiati




Key Three Award - is presented annually by the Powahay District Key Three (District Chairman, District Commissioner and District Executive) to voluteers who go above and beyond the call of service for the youth of the Powahay District.  this Award is presented annually at the Powahay District Recognition Dinner.


2003  Karen Schneidermeyer, Steve Coe, Chester Wickett

2004  Virginia Losito, Mary Danner, Janet Schwartz

2005  Lori Lemay, Chris Vaum, Greta DeAngelis, Bob Schecter

2006  Joseph DeAngelis, Arnie Feintuck, JR McMullen, Tisha Saffa

2007  Michael DiMeglio, Dominic Rauccio, Clayton Cole

2008  Patrick Gentile, John Moritz, Mark Greene

2009  Calvin Chung, Kevin Smith, Julie Kazi

2010  Amy Wade, Todd Morgan, Meg Orner

2011 Anthony D'Andrea, Craig Orr, Bert vonSteulpnagel

2012 Evan Atkins, Richard Pucci, Adrian Ruck

2013 Rich Wellen, Missy West, Peter Riordan

2014 Christina Nathanson, Kevin Provost, William Shannon, Deborah Slazyk

2015 Cindy Allen, Gretchen Orr, Tom Williams

2016 Karen Caiati, Joel DeGray, Adam Terr

2017 Nicole Allen, Mitchell Nathanson, Michael Szarpa


Powahay Pioneer Award is presented for long time service to Scouting.


2009 - Charles Scribner

2010 - Frank DeMasi

2010 - Frank Waters

2010 - Felix Antedomenico

2011 - Thomas Sass

2011 - Louis Pataki

2012 - John Hanks

2012 - Hugh Sebastian

2013 - K John Karlson

2014 - Grant Evans

2014 - Chester Wickett

2015 Roger Williams

2015 Thomas Robinson

2016 Evan Atkins, Nathan Newhall, Andy Karwoski

2017 Capt. Steve Coe


On My Honor - Service To Youth Award is a Powahay District recognition presented to volunteers at a Pack, Troop, or Crew level.  Individuals are nominated by their Unit Commissioner or their peers for exceptional service to the unit.   View Past Recipients


Unit Leader Award of Merit -- For outstanding Leadership for Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Venture Crew Advisers:


Treacy Bowron, Pack 61 Norwalk, Dev Clifford, Troop 20 Wilton


Craig T. Schorr,  Pack 161, Christopher Winalski, Pack 70 New Canaan, Thane Grauel, Troop 19 Norwalk, Anthony Stark, Pack 15 Stamford,

Daryl Smith, Pack 11 Stamford, Heath Newman, Pack 48 Stamford, Barry Morris, Troop 15 Stamford