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District Committee Roster

District Key-3
District Chairman Craig Orr craig.orr2@gmail.com 203.569.9850
District Commissioner Jim Mitchell jim@powahay.com
District Executive Jim Patterson jim.patterson@scouting.org (203) 951-0272

District Vice Chairs
Vice Chairman Development - Vacant info@powahay.com
Vice Chairman Program John Hanks jhanks@powahay.com
Vice Chairman Membership Vacant info@powahay.com

District Committee Members
Activities Chairman John Hanks jhanks@powahay.com
Activities - Cub Scout Chair Michael Szarpa mszarpa@gmail.com
Activities - Boy Scout Chair (Vacant) (Acting John Hanks) jhanks@powhay.com
Advancement Chairman Chester Wickett cwickett@optonline.net (203) 322-1390
Advancement - Committee Andy Karwoski ajkboat@aol.com
Camping Chairman Vacant info@powahay.com
Camping Boy Scout Chair Roger Williams rvw@optonline.net
Camping Cub Scout - Chairman Treacy Bowron tbowron07@hotmail.com 203.952.1241
Camping Cub Scout - Committee Ryan Thompson ryanthompson@gmail.com
Communications John Hanks jhanks@powahay.com
Family Friends of Scouting Chairman Mitchell Nathanson mitchell.nathanson@powahay.org 203.912.0346
Health & Safety Chairman Stephen Coe scoe@powahay.com (203) 952-8679
Nominating Chair Vacant info@powahay.com
Popcorn Kernel Vacant info@powahay.com
Training Chairman Vacant info@powahay.com
Training Boy Scout Chairman Roger Williams rvw@optonline.net 203.358.8634
Training Cub Scout Chairman Cindy Allen cindya@powahay.org 203.434.3732
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor Roger Williams rvw@optonline.net
Youth Protection Chairman Grant Evans gevanst53@aol.com 203.655.4685

District Members At Large
Member at Large Tina Nathanson tina.nathanson@powahay.org
Member at Large - Training Nicole Allen yourbows@ymail.com
Member at Large Karen Caiati kcaiati@bsamail.org (203) 722-9177
Member at Large Tony D'Andrea dandrea.tony@yahoo.com
Member at Large - Program STEM Chair Joel DeGray joeldegray@gmail.com
Member at Large Frank DeMasi 203.348.9653
Member at Large Activities Thane Grauel thaneg@powahay.com
Member at large - Program Gretchen Orr gretchencraig@yahoo.com
Member at Large Robert Messinger messinger.r@gmail.com 203.979.4013
Member at Large Adam Terr adamterr@optonline.net 203.329.7975
Member at Large - Program Rich Pucci rich.pucci@gmail.com
Member at Large - Program Mike Reed mreed@snet.net
Member at Large Adrian Ruck Ruckad@ME.com 203.847.3898
Member at Large Jim Wardwell jim@wardwell.name
Member at Large - Health & Safety Meg Weeks mweeks@optonline.net (203) 229-9728
Member at Large - Ex District Commissioner Thomas Williams twilliams@worldcontact.com
Member at Large - Membership David Yika yikadavid@yahoo.com
Member at Large - Program Shaun Volin scv4783@aol.com