Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA

District Committee Roster

District Key 3
District Chair Michael Szarpa
District Commissioner Jim Mitchell
District Executive Jim Patterson (203) 951-0272

District Vice Chairs
Vice Chairman Development - Mitch Nathanson
Vice Chairman Membership Nicole Allen
Vice Chairman Program John Hanks

District Sub Committee Chairs
Activities - Cub Scout Chair Stephen Prostor
Activities - Boy Scout Chair (Vacant) (Acting) John Hanks
Advancement Chairman Chester Wickett (203) 322-1390
Advisory Committee Thomas Williams
Camping Boy Scout Chair Roger Williams
Camping Cub Scout - Chairman Treacy Bowron 203.952.1241
Camping Cub Scout - Committee Ryan Thompson
Communications John Hanks
District Chairman Emeritus Craig Orr
Family Friends of Scouting Chairman Roger Williams 203.358.8634
Health & Safety Chairman Stephen Coe (203) 952-8679
Nominating Chair Maury Cabral
Popcorn Kernel Dan Koteen
Training Boy Scout Chairman Vacant
Training Cub Scout Chairman Cindy Allen 203.434.3732
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor Roger Williams
Youth Protection Chairman Grant Evans 203.655.4685

Sub Committees & Members At Large
Activities Rich Pucci
Activities Thane Grauel
Activities Gretchen Orr
Activities Mike Reed
Activities STEM Chair Joel DeGray
Advancement Andy Karwoski
Development Robert Messinger 203.979.4013
Member at Large Adrian Bethray
Member at Large Karen Caiati (203) 722-9177
Member at Large Tony D'Andrea
Member at Large Frank DeMasi 203.348.9653
Member at Large Adrian Ruck 203.847.3898
Member at Large Adam Terr 203.329.7975
Member at Large Jim Wardwell
Membership David Yika
Membership Stamford Tina Nathanson