CREW 353



Venture Crew 353 is Hosting an Open House
Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017
7 PM at the Darien Scout Cabin, 140 West Ave, Darien
Pizza Provided

Opportunity for High School Boys and Girls who have a passion and affinity for STEM related subjects and careers.

The Crew is NOT looking to take Scouts away from existing Troops or Crews but provide an easy fit to do both.

  • The STEM Venture Unit is meant to be a complementary fit to Traditional Scouting and not a replacement.
  • The Venture Unit goal is to expand upon a Scout's STEM experience at the High School level and provide an opportunity to work on curriculum development and research in project teams.  
  • Scouts can earn volunteer outreach hours working during the school year and the summer through our inner city Scoutreach programs.  
  • The Venture Unit is meant to be flexible, (meeting on average once per month), and not an added burden that would detract from a Scout's involvement in their Troop or Crew.  In fact, the goal is for the Venturer to also take what they have learned at the STEM level and provide additional leadership and involvement in STEM activities to their Troop or Crew.

This past year, Crew 353 received from The Darien Foundation a large capital grant which has allowed the crew to buy an extensive array of kits ranging from ozobots, new chromebooks, 3D printers, makers stations, high powered telescopes, aquaponic stations (just to name a few).

Contact:  Pat Gentile at or cell phone 917-825-7878
CLICK HERE for a flyer to share with your Scouts.