Scatacook District - Scatacook District Dinner Posted May. 3, 2016
Come and celebrate the achievements of Scatacook Scouts and Scouters with an outdoor surf and turf dinner! The District Dinner is an opportunity for all members of Scouting within the Scatacook District to join in fellowship and appreciation of one another's efforts over the past Scouting Year
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Scatacook District - Me and My Shadow Posted Apr. 25, 2016
Start your summer with Cub Scouts! Me and My Shadow is an opportunity for Cub Scouts to spend an evening camping and a day honing many of the scout skills that they've learned about in their pack and den meetings. This year's event will place an emphasis on shooting sports, with chances to shoot BB guns, sling shots, build catapults, and learn about ballistics.
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