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Successful Scouts CAN Initiatives



Share YOUR ideas and successes with us to help the rest of the CYC… send your stories to Scott Redfern e-mail: mtnrunner@charter.net




Town recycling centers– Place a large bin (4’ x 4’ x 4’) near the glass and aluminum recycling area for residents to place their returnables in. It turns out that townspeople are actually very good about putting their returnables in the bin for the Scouts and the local unit(s) collect what has been left weekly to keep it from overflowing and making a mess at the recycling center (which will get you kicked out).
“2x4 Signing” at local carnivals – Set up a booth at local carnivals and festivals to have a stud signing (people donate money $2-$5 to write their name or a kind message on a 2x4 (a wooden stud used for framing walls in a house) which will be used in building a Habitat Home. Over $1K was raised last year at the Norwalk Oyster Festival!
Team up on Scouting for Food and Scouts CAN – Hand out two bags to people, one for non-perishable food items and one for empty, returnable bottles and cans. Help the food banks and help the environment at the same time!
Stake out your local redemption center (ex. Big-Y CAN & bottle return area)– Have Scouts go to the local redemption center and ask people to donate their cans and bottles for Scouts Can.
Place bins near soda machines in your office, youth center, etc– Pick up cardboard Scouts CAN bins at Council and place them next to soda machines or in break room to collect empties.
2x4 Signings– You CAN have these anywhere… high school sporting events, in front of stores, Scouting events, etc.
Unit Initiative – Let your creative juices flow and think of new ways to help build houses for Habitat with Scouts Can! One unit leader raised money last year by getting sponsors for doing what he loves to do… run races.