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What is My Scouting?

My Scouting is a BSA web portal designed to provide Adult Leaders with access to training, records and "tools" to help manage Unit, District and Council functions.  My Scouting actually consists of TWO related but different web portals, each requiring separate logins. However, the user name and password are identical for the two portals.


Original My Scouting


Web Address: https://myscouting.scouting.org


This version of the portal is the access point for all online training courses (identified by BSA as "E-Learning"), including Youth Protection Training, Position Specific Fast Start Training, Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training, as well as a number of Supplemental Training Courses. BSA will be rebranding this around June 30, 2015 as the new Learning Management System, scheduled to be rolled out at www.my.scoutingtools.org.


Also available in the Original My Scouting is a Training Validation lookup report. This interface is poor and requires the user to know the BSA Member ID number or My Scouting Username for the Scouter whose record they want to view (including their own record). A Unit Training Tracking Listing is available to those Adult Leaders authorized to view Unit Training Records, generally Unit Key 3s and certain positions on the District Committee.


This version of My Scouting also gives the authorized user access to Internet Advancement, Internet Rechartering, Service Hour Reporting, and management of Tour and Activity Plans.


New My Scouting


Web Address: https://my.scouting.org/


To address the shortcomings of the Original My Scouting portal (of which there were many), BSA created a New My Scouting Portal. Unfortunately, BSA decided to use the identical name for the two portals: "My Scouting", thus sewing the seeds for future confusion. While the intent in creating the New My Scouting was likely to be a complete REPLACEMENT of the Original My Scouting, this has not (yet) happened, and the two versions of My Scouting continue to exist side by side. Some of the information in the New My Scouting is a duplicate of Original My Scouting, but the New version has a number of better tools, reports, and applications, with an improved interface.


Included in the New My Scouting is a Training Manager, allowing authorized District Scout Leaders to manage the Training Records for the Adult Leaders in the District. This included running reports on trained and untrained leaders, as well as UPDATE TRAINING RECORDS of Adult Leaders.


The New My Scouting portal also provides Organization (Unit and District) Security Management Tools and Commissioners' Tools.


Dashboards are available for Adult Leaders, which include ready access to "your" personal profile and ready access to "My Training" a complete listing of all training courses (current and expired) that "you" have taken during your Scouting career, including in person and online training. My Training allows you to view your personal training record, but not make changes to it. However, your District Training Chair and a handful of other leaders are authorized to correct or update your training record.


There are links in each version of My Scouting to jump to the "Other" portal, but, again, you will need to log in separately to each version of the My Scouting portal.




Please direct questions of My Scouting (either version) to your District Training Chair.



My Scouting