Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA

District Committee Resources

There are a number of handbooks, manuals, and guidebooks available to help Districts operate successfully:


A Guide for Volunteers on Good Volunteer-Professional Relationships (513-144)
A Handbook for District Operations (34739)
District Committee
The District (33070)
A Plan for Functioning Districts (513-622)
District Key 3 (513-630)
Selecting District People (34512)
District Committee Job Profile Templates
District Committee Volunteer Duties Cards (34266)
Self-Evaluation Guide for Successful District Operation (34207)
Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide (33082)
District Committee Training Workshop (34160)
District Nominating Committee Worksheet (513-332)
District Roundtables (14-633B)


Membership Committee Guide
District Support Items
Staging Recognition Meetings (33706)
The Chartered Organization Representative (33118)
Guide to Leader Training (2018)
Outdoor Program (Camping) Committee Guide
Camporee Guidebook
Outdoor Ethics Guidebook
District Fund Development (and FOS) Committee Guidebook
Family FOS Campaign Guide
Community Campaign Guide
Fundraising Policies and Procedures Guide


Religious Emblems Program
District Committee Recognition
Updated: April 5, 2018 JFL