Participant Information

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Location: Ludlowe Middle School, Fairfield, CT  Google Map


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Thank you for your dedication to effective Scouting. Your participation in this training event illustrates that you care about the quality of the Scouting program that you are able to deliver for UoS CYCthe youth whom you serve. The ability of Scouting to make a difference for our youth depends on volunteers like you who participate in training programs to seek broader knowledge and continual improvement. This event provides the broadest variety of Scouting course offerings under one roof available for Scouters and Scouts in our area.


Please enjoy your visit with us today. Absorb all that you can, and then relay what you have learned back to your units and districts. This is your primary responsibility as a UoS participant. But please don’t stop there. Scouting needs you to help our program be even more effective next year. There are three key ways that YOU can help. As a UoS participant, we have the following requests to ask of you.


Please note: This is NOT Merit Badge College. No Merit Badges are being offered to Youth Members.


1. Feedback is a gift. Your feedback for each class taken and for the UoS as a whole helps to guide the staff to improve the program for next year. Any and all constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. We will email a link to an online survey after UoS is completed. Please complete the evaluation form for each course to let us know what you liked and what you didn’t. The gift of your feedback enables us to ensure that we continue to meet your needs as a Scouting leader. And if your instructor did a good job, remember to say “thank you”.


2. Spread the Word. Keep Calm and Bring a FriendDid you know that it takes almost the same time for the staff to prepare this event whether we draw 175 or 575 participants? Or that it takes our instructors the same time to prepare whether 3 or 23 participants register for the class? Therefore, the effectiveness of this event to have a positive impact on the youth in Scouting is directly proportional to the number of seats filled in the classrooms. YOU are our best channel for promotion. If you are interested in being a participant, so might others in your unit and in your district. So tell others. Please. And bring a friend (or two or five) to this year’s UoS.


3. Share what you know. What’s the difference between a faculty or staff member and a class participant? NOTHING! We are all Scouting volunteers. All staff members have “real” Scouting jobs just like you. And we are ALL attending UoS to learn. For any individual course to succeed, we need and want an exchange of ideas. Very few of our classes are designed as one sided lectures. So ask questions and share your ideas during class. Don’t simply attend UoS, please, please, please PARTICIPATE.


Dress Code: The full BSA field uniform (AKA Class A Uniform) associated with your unit and program is the appropriate attire for all UoS participants and faculty. For members of unit committees or unregistered parents - the proper attire is what you would wear to one of your unit meetings. Please note that some classes will be held out of doors, rain (snow) or shine. So BE PREPARED for the weather. Remember, this is New England….in March.


Cell Phone Use: Cellphone PolicyCell phone courtesy is expected at all times. Texting during class is prohibited (please) and phones must be on vibrate-only mode (unless you have a child in child care; in that case, please leave your phone on at all times). We know that life does not stop while attending a Scouting event. If you must make or take a call, please exit the classroom quietly. Note that the UoS staff may use their cell phones for urgent communications during the event. This is key to our event day communications.


Location: Ludlowe Middle School, 689 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT Google Map


Parking: Ample parking is available at the school. Handicapped parking is appropriately marked. Not driving? The Fairfield Metro-North Train Station is a 7 minute walk south of the school.


Entry: Wheelchair access is available to all floors of the school.The Scout Oath


Code of Conduct:  All participants, staff, and guests are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts (and Scouters) always leave their environment better than they found it and we encourage everyone to clean up after themselves and others. We need your help in practicing Leave No Trace throughout the day. Youth protection measures are in effect at all times.


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