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Update Training Records

Are your own Training Records out of date? Can't get your Unit Charter to correctly show that you are trained? Can't remember when you completed Unit Leader Training?


Please click on the link below and complete the on-line form. If you don't remember the exact date that you completed training - give it your best guess - the Council will pick a completion date that's close enough. Contact your District Executive or District Training Chairman with any questions you may have. 


NOTE: If you complete training online, and provided BSA with your name, council number (072), and BSA membership ID number though your MyScouting registration, your ScoutNet Training Record will be AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED after your complete each course. There is NO NEED to submit the update form in these instances.


Training Validation Feature


Effective July 1, 2010, the BSA Online Learning Center added a new feature: "Training Validation”. Available through the normal MyScouting login, Training Validation allows the user to look up the ScoutNet Training Records for ANY registered leader. You can look up yours or another Scout Leader's records in one of two ways: all training courses available in the system, or just Youth Protection Training taken in the past 2 years.


Training Validation is a new menu item located under E-Learning on the left hand side menu. Clicking on Training Validation opens a new Training Search window. A link for "Advanced Search" allows for the input of a Scouter's name. A help button on the upper right side of the web page (the question mark) can also provide assistance.


Before completing the Training Records Update Form, a Scouter should login into MyScouting and confirm whether or not their official training record is up to date. 



Training Records Update Form


A Few Notes on Record Updates


If you entered your personal ID into your MyScouting account when you first registered, the training you complete on-line is automatically recorded in ScoutNET. If you did not use your personal ID but later enter it into your MyScouting account, your ScoutNET record is automatically updated at that point. If you never enter your personal ID, the record of your completed training will show up on a periodic report and is then entered manually into ScoutNET.  Use the update form for the on-line New Leader Essentials course, which is sponsored by the Council, and not by the National office.

ScoutNet can only record BSA training courses, not CPR, VIRTUS, or programs offered by other organizations.
"University of Scouting" is not recognized by ScoutNet, although ScoutNet can record degrees conferred by the University of Scouting, such as a Bachelors of District Studies. If Youth Protection Training, New Leader Essentials, or another BSA course is offered at the University of Scouting, that can, of course, be recorded.
Some of you may have received a Training Profile (computer printout) which showed that you were trained in 1911. Please update your record with a "real" date, since 1911 was the default date that was entered for everyone who was recorded as being trained when we first starting using ScoutNET in 1998. ScoutNET no longer recognizes 1911 as being a viable date and ScoutNet will consider you "not trained" until a more accurate date is provided.
No training records can be recorded without a date. So guess at a date, as necessary. Your best guess is going to be closer than anyone elses guess. If you say that you completed a Training course, we believe you. We follow the rule: "A Scouter is Trustworthy" when updating your records.
"Mountain Man" training was also known by its official name, as either "Boy Scout Leader Basic Training" or "Scoutmastership Fundamentals" depending on the year it was offered.  Please use the official name when updating the on-line form.


Still Have Questions? Contact:


Council Registrar - Kathy Znosko znosko@ctyankee.org
Council Training Chair - Ray Spagnuolo troop19sm@yahoo.com
Council Staff Advisor for Training - Brian Landi brian.landi@scouting.org