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Update Training Records

Under your Profile on MyScouting, you can look at "My Training" and see the latest information for all training courses you've completed, online and in person.


AS LONG AS YOU HAVE INCLUDED YOUR BSA ID NUMBER IN YOUR PROFILE, all courses that you've completed online will also be listed with your personal and your Unit's training records. If you took any online courses and did not enter your BSA ID number, no problem. Ask your Unit Leader or Unit Committee Chair for your BSA ID Number, then log into MyScouting and simply add your ID number to your profile. 



MyScouting can only record BSA training courses, not CPR, VIRTUS, or programs offered by other organizations.
"University of Scouting" is not recognized by MyScouting, although MyScouting can record Leader Specific Training courses and BALOO offered by the University of Scouting.


If you have looked at your training records on MyScouting and see that your records are not accurate, contact your District Training Chair with information to update your record. Let your District Training Chair know which course are missing from your record. No training records can be recorded without a date. So guess at a date, as necessary. Your best guess is going to be closer than anyone else's guess. If you say that you completed a Training course, we believe you. We follow the rule: "A Scouter is Trustworthy" when updating your records. 
"Mountain Man" training was also known by its official name, as either "Boy Scout Leader Basic Training" or "Scoutmastership Fundamentals" depending on the year it was offered.  Please use the official name when requesting and update or correction.


There are exceptions to this method. If your online training records do not properly recognize completion of a course that is offered online, the BEST WAY of correcting the records is for you to retake the online training course via MyScouting. Most online training courses take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, and your online training record is automatically updated. As noted above, please make sure that your profile in MyScouting is accurate and that your BSA ID number is properly listed. Upon completing any online training course, it is ALWAYS a good idea to print the completion certificate available at the end of the course, for your records. If you complete a course and an online certificate of completion is not offered, double check that you finished all sections of the course. You may have to go back and finish any missing sections of the course before you are complete.


If you have any questions, contact your District Training Chair.