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Wood Badge

Wood Badge

2018 Wood Badge Course - N2-72-18

Course Director: Andrea Ulery

August 24-25-26 at Deer Lake Scout Reservation and

September 21-22-23 at Hoyt Scout Reservation


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What is Wood Badge?

Simply stated, Wood Badge is advanced leadership training for adult scout leaders.


Baden-Powell took the first steps in training Scouting's adult leaders by organizing a series of lectures. The first Wood Badge training was held in 1919 at Gilwell Park, near London. Since then, Wood Badge has continued to evolve to meet Scouting's needs. Wood Badge focuses on preparing adults to deliver the mission of Scouting.


As a result of attending Wood Badge training you will:

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What are Others Saying about Wood Badge?


"The staff is very upbeat and is united in purpose. Not very often in the real world do you have so many individuals in one place who really want to help others without secondary gain. This was refreshing.” – Steve Cousins, N2-72-17 Participant


"Compelling, creative program and excellent delivery" – Jacob Cedusky, N2-72-17 Participant


"I had no idea how much of the stuff I needed to learn to run my troop in a fun and better way was included in this course. It was exactly what I needed as a Scoutmaster, and I wish I had this knowledge two years ago." – Thane Grauel, N2-72-17 Participant


What are the Themes of Wood Badge?Course Patch N2-72-18


How is Wood Badge Presented?

Wood Badge is presented in two phases. The first part of the program is the practical phase. This consists of six days over two full weekends (all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday) at camp plus two patrol meetings between the weekends. The second part of the program, the application phase, occurs after the completion of the two weekends and consists of applying the skills you learn at Wood Badge to your position in Scouting. This phase is also referred to as “working your ticket.”


What is a Ticket?

The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts, and local councils.  During the course, the Wood Badge Staff will help you set some personal goals, things you would like to accomplish in your unit or district. These goals are referred to as the Wood Badge “Ticket”. The ticket represents your commitment to complete a set of five personal goals, which you establish, related to your Scouting position. These goals should be designed to significantly strengthen the Scouting program in which you are involved. In addition, the ticket gives you an opportunity to practice and demonstrate the leadership skills presented during the Wood Badge course. Many participants complete their ticket goals in 6 to 12 months, but you must complete your Wood Badge ticket goals no later than 18 months after the course ends. All ticket goals are developed with this time limit in mind.


How are Scouters Recognized?

Upon completion of your Wood Badge Ticket (your five goals), as confirmed by your Troop Guide, you will be presented with the Wood Badge Training Award: neckerchief, woggle, beads, and Wood Badge certificate at an appropriate ceremony. Click here for more details.


Many Scouters consider Wood Badge to be one of the highlights of their Scouting careers. Wood Badge has served as a source of training and inspiration to thousands of Scout leaders. In return, Wood Badge participants have positively influenced the lives of millions of America's youth.



Wood Badge Beads (2)

Wood Badge Woggle

Wood Badge Neckerchief



Who Should Participate?

Wood Badge is designed for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Sea Scout, Varsity and Exploring Leaders at the unit level, as well as district and council leaders. The course content and leadership principles introduced during the course apply to Scouters in all leadership positions. These skills provide common a leadership foundation that is beneficial for all program areas. To attend a Wood Badge course, you must:


What is are the Dates and Locations of the Course?

Each weekend session begins 7:30 AM on Friday morning and ends around 4:30 PM on Sunday. The first weekend in 2018 is August 24-25-26 at Deer Lake Scout Reservation. The second weekend is September 21-22-23 at Hoyt Scout Reservation. Participation and attendance at both weekends, a total of six full days, is required for the successful completion of the Wood Badge course.


When is the deadline for registration?

In order for the Staff to be reasonably prepared for the appropriate number of participants, registrations should be received at the Council Resource Center in Milford:


Where Can We Get More Information?

We've developed a series of FAQs (frequently asked questions). Please look through them first.


For information on the 2018 course, contact:


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