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Internet Shopping Policy

It is the policy of the Connecticut Yankee Council to permit limited endorsement to its members, primarily through internet links, of certain vendors engaged in the sale of products on the internet, on the following basis:


  1. A vendor must generally be engaged in selling a broad range of products to the general population of the United States through its commercial web site(s).
  2. The Council is permitted to receive commission income from these vendors on the same terms and conditions as being offered to other businesses and organizations who choose to provide links to the vendors, through established “affiliate” or similar programs.
  3. The Council will periodically disclose these “affiliate” commission programs to its members.
  4. The Council will only select vendors that reflect the values of the Boy Scouts of America.
  5. The Council will not permit any vendor to make offers of discounts specifically to members of the Boy Scouts of America. Any such offers of discounts must be available to the general public.
  6. Any vendor or program that attempts to take advantage of the BSA membership is not permitted.
  7. The Council will refrain from identifying or endorsing any specific products offered by any vendor.
  8. Vendors are not permitted to use any BSA names, logos, or insignia as part of any arrangement identified in this policy.
  9. The Council will make it clear to its members that, but for the inclusion of internet links in various communications media, the Council is not recommending any vendor, nor is the Council in any way responsible for the price, quality, or condition of a product or the performance (or non-performance) of any vendor, should a member choose a vendor for purchase of a product on the internet.
  10. BSA membership lists (including unit, district and council registration; financial supporters; and any others associated with Scouting) cannot be used for commercial or any unauthorized purpose. The names and information on these records are strictly confidential and cannot be sold or shared with the public.


Adopted by the Connecticut Yankee Council Executive Board on March 19, 2015