Popcorn Kickoffs:

This is the last opportunity to participate in a Popcorn Sale Kick-off and earn an additional 2% to your commission.

July 21, 2020 on Zoom


Commission Structure:

30% Base Commission for Selling Popcorn

1% Commitment Signup at www.campmasters.org by June 30th

2% Attend a Spring Kickoff (May 31st, June 16th or July 21st)

2% With 8% growth over 2019 (New Units 8% over average 2019 sale of $3,200)

1% New Unit Participation

1% Show & Sell Payments Received with Popcorn Pickup on November 5th & 6th

1% Take Order Payments Received with Popcorn Pickup on December 4th or 5th


Please note: If payment is not received at the Council Service Center by the dates listed below, your unit will forfeit a portion of its commission:

December 17th: 1% Commitment Commission

December 30th: 3% Kickoff & Commitment Commission