Are you a teenager interested in volunteering at Cub Scout Day Camp?

Great!  We are so excited to have you as part of the team this summer!


This page will tell you everything that you will need to know to get registered, trained and ready to journey “Into the Jungle” this summer at Cub Scout Day Camp.


Please read through all of the information provided.

Please feel free to contact Cindy / 203.951.0228 /

(ages 14 & older)

Teens, 14 and older, are welcome to volunteer at Cub Scout Day Camp (at no charge) and will receive service hour credit for their service.  ALL volunteers will be required to attend one of the training dates (dates TBD) or they will not be eligible to volunteer at camp.


Below is a list of the forms that you will need to fill out and return prior to camp.

1. 2020 Boy-Scout-Volunteer-Form-14-years-7-older

2. BSA Medical Form     – Due 2 weeks prior to camp


Please submit all forms to Cindy Pepe (contact info on Youth Volunteer Form)

Senior Camper Volunteers

(Youth 13 and under)

This summer we will welcome Scouts BSA members (ages 11 – 13 years old) to take part in our “Senior Camper Volunteer” program.  As a Senior Camper you will still earn service hours but you will also be able to participate in SOME of the camp activities (i.e. archery, sports, crafts).  Senior Campers will still be expected to earn their volunteer hours by helping out at camp but will be given the opportunity to join in the fun as well!

The fee for this program will be $120 per camper.


Below are the form/s that you will need to have filled out & return prior to camp.

1. BSA Medical Form – Due 2 weeks prior to camp at the very latest

Don’t forget to book your physical appointments early, spots fill up fast during summer camp season!


Please submit medical forms to:

Cindy Pepe (203.951.0228)

Scan and email to:


Medicine administration form

This form MUST be filled out for any camper who requires/or may require medication to be administered at camp.

If you have questions about the medical forms it is best to contact Cindy Pepe ASAP so that she can answer your questions and make sure you have exactly what you need.

Day camps are conducted by adult volunteer leadership who were trained and certified at one of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Camping Schools. Day camps are also supported by a number of adult and youth staff members. BSA Den Chiefs may also support the day camp program by assisting the Cub Scouts throughout the camp.

Together we can make Cub Scout Day Camp a safe, fun and memorable experience this summer!!!


We need YOU to help make Cub Scout Day Camp a success!