This is your one-stop shop to find all of the forms that you will need to complete so that your child can attend camp. Anything highlighted in red below can be opened for download by simply clicking on it.   Our goal this year is to have everyone’s medical forms & other paperwork submitted and approved long before you walk into camp on Monday morning!  In an effort to make the process easier this year we will be offering you more opportunity to hand in this paperwork.  We ask that no one mail/email their paperwork into the office, it will not be accepted this way.  You may stop into the office to see Diana Knapp Monday through Friday from 10:00 am until 3:00 PM but you should call first to make sure that she is in the office.


Please feel free to contact Diana / 203.951.0232 /



The items below are the 4 items that every camper needs to be considered fully registered for camp.  Please have all of these forms printed and filled out before coming into the office to hand in your packet.


#1:  Wallet size picture of your child’s face.

Please print out before coming into the office and attach to the front page of the medical form.


#2:  Copy of your child’s Insurance Card.

Please make sure to copy this before coming into the office. Make sure to copy both sides of the card!


#3: Pick Up Authorization Form

This form must be filled out for EACH camper that you have attending camp.  If your camper is attending more than one week of camp, you will need to submit a new form for each week. Anyone (including a parent) not listed on this form will NOT be allowed to pick up your camper. Please be sure to list EVERYONE who could possibly pick up your camper.



Your camper’s medical form must be good within one year of the date of camp. This is the MOST IMPORTANT form to be sure to have done ahead of time as pediatrician offices tend to be very busy this time of year. No one can attend camp without a medical form. More information below under Camp Medical Forms.

 Make your campers physical appointment early!!!



Once you have these 4 things completed, MOST are ready to set up a time to come into the office to submit them!


***Those needing medications administered at camp will need an additional form.  Please see the medical forms box for download!




This form must be filled out by your child’s doctor and be dated within 13 months of the camp that he/she will attend.  If you already have the State of CT School Health Form  we will accept that, in place of BSA Part C, as long as it meets the 13 month requirement.   You must still fill out and attach BSA Medical Form Parts A and B1 and, if the camper(s) requires medication at camp, B2 is also required.


Medicine administration form

This form MUST be filled out for any camper who requires/or may require medication to be administered at camp.


If you have questions about the medical forms it is best to contact Diana Knapp ASAP so that she can answer your questions and make sure you have exactly what you need.


Day camps are conducted by adult administrators who are trained and certified at one of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Camping Schools. Day camps are also supported by a number of volunteer adult and youth staff members. Boy Scout Den Chiefs support the day camp program by assisting the Cub Scouts throughout the camp week.

Adult volunteers make up the nucleus of the day camp staff by volunteering in positions to lead specific programs, support the general operation, or by managing a den of Cub Scouts throughout their time at camp.


We need YOU to help make Cub Scout Day Camp a success!



If you plan to spend a fun-filled week at camp with your child and volunteer your time, there are a few things you should know.


You will be required (if you do not have it already) to be youth protection trained before you can attend camp


You will have to sign-up for one of our training sessions. Camp training has been totally revamped this year and EVERY volunteer must commit to attend or will be unable to attend camp for the week with their child.


 You will need to read, initial and sign the CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT and submit it at your training session.


If you are unable to attend camp or complete all 5 days but still wish to send your camper, you will not receive a refund of your child’s camp fee.




The Council’s commitment to all Scouts is: Every Scout deserves a week at summer camp, and no Scout will miss camp because of a lack of funds. A campership is financial assistance provided to a Cub Scout or Scouts BSA youth member to allow him/her to attend a Scouts BSA or Cub Scout summer camp program within the Connecticut Yankee Council, either residential or day camp.

For more information on camperships & the Campership Application:

  Please contact Carolyn Cruson 203.951.0237 /