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Operations Fee

Posted: July 29, 2016


The Connecticut Yankee Council offers a wide variety of services to our members. This includes five of the best camps in the Northeast, highly trained staff, and dynamic program offerings. We, the Executive Board of Connecticut Yankee Council, are responsible for the leadership of Scouting in our area. Our passion is for delivering great programming for our young men and women.


The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring the financial sustainability of our Scouting Program. We take our stewardship of Scouting very seriously. Specifically, our fiscal responsibility as a Board means that we strive to balance our Council budget each year and pay down our debts. Having already implemented a number of cost reduction measures, primarily though restructuring of our professional staff, the Board determined that our current methods of fundraising are insufficient.


In the Spring of 2016, our Council Executive Board formed a Committee of dedicated volunteers to look at income options for our Council. The Committee solicited the input of key Scout leaders as well as financial experts, and also consulted with neighboring Councils.


The Committee recognized a series of facts, including a nationwide membership decline and that our Council has historically funded by charitable giving from a variety of sources - many of which have seen a decline in their own fundraising capacity. Further, the annual Friends of Scouting campaign covers less than 10% of the operating costs of our Council.


The Committee also felt it was important to note that, while there are fees collected at re-charter time, excluding an  insurance fee, none of these fees support our Council’s operation.


Based upon the recommendation of the Committee, our Executive Board at its July 28, 2016 Board Meeting determined that the most effective way to supplement our income was to institute a Council Operations Fee, effective with the 2017 Charter Year, and the Board adopted a Resolution to that effect.


The Operation Fee outlined below, is in addition to the annual registration fee charged by the National Council (currently $24.00 per year), plus the $5.00 insurance premium. This Operations Fee will be collected when each Unit recharters for the upcoming year, beginning this November.


If You Are a:
Your Operations Fee* Will Be:
Youth Member $24.00
Adult Member $12.00

Merit Badge Counselor

  (with no other registration)

No Fee

Tiger or Lion Cub Adult Partner

  (with no other registration)

No Fee


  *  This fee will be pro-rated at a $2.00 per month for Scouts and $1.00 per month for Adults registering after January 1, 2017; dual registered members pay the Operations Fee only once; if the Operations Fee presents a hardship to families, an assistance waiver form will be available in each Unit's recharter package


Last year, the cost to support a youth member in our council was $402. Our Executive Board is asking all families served by our Council to help provide a fraction of the cost. The remainder of Council revenue will continue to be raised through our philanthropic and fundraising efforts, including Friends of Scouting, Popcorn Sales and other Council Programs. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please visit www.ctyankee.org.


We invite you to join us at Question and Answer Sessions being held at each District Roundtable, as follows:


August 31 Powahay      
September 12 Sleeping Giant      
September 12 Wepawaug Valley      
September 13 Pomperaug      
September 13 Lighthouse      
October 12 Scatacook      


Just a few short years ago, we celebrated the centennial of Scouting. By maintaining a financially sustainable Council, we help to ensure the opportunity to provide future generations in Connecticut with high quality Scouting programs for our Youth and Adult members. We thank you in advance for your partnership in this important initiative.


For additional information, please see these Frequently Asked Questions.


Yours in Scouting,


Christopher McLeod. Council President


Charles Blanchette, Council Commissioner


Charles Flowers, Council CEO & Scout Executive