The Connecticut Yankee Council owns and operates five Camps, which fulfill the needs of the Council’s many outdoor programs, programs that have always been at the heart of the Scouting Movement.

Our Camps are maintained under the direction of the Camping Committee; Vice President of Camping Bill Hall and Staff Advisor Myke Morrell, Director of Camping.

As you can imagine it takes a great amount of effort to ensure the health and success of a camp, but the potential rewards are also great! Just think about the possibilities expressed in the verse Wood-Smoke from the poem “The Feet of the Young Men” by Rudyard Kipling a friend of Lord Baden-Powell.

But what really makes a Great Camp possible, is you the volunteer. So make up your mind to do your part, choose a direction and;


“follow with the others”


Camp Sequassen

Boy Scout
Resident Camp
Weekend Camping

New Hartford, CT

 Camp Pomperaug

 Weekend Camping

Union, CT

Scout Reservation

Weekend Camping
and Cub Scout
Day Camp
Redding, CT

Deer Lake
Scout Reservation

Cub Scout
Resident Camp,
High-Adventure Base
and Adventure
Day Camp
Killingworth, CT

Weekend Camping

Hamden, CT



Who hath smelt wood-smoke at twilight?
Who hath heard the birch-log burning?
Who is quick to read the noises of the night?
Let him follow with the others,
for the Young Men’s feet are turning
Too the camps of proved desire and known delight!

 ~ Rudyard Kipling





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