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2022 Major Work Party

Saturday May 21st.

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The 4th Annual


This year Celibrating Camp Sequassen’s 95th Year on West Hill Pond

Save the Tentative Date – Saturday, July 16th, 2022

A  Fun Filled Event in Direct Support of Improvements at Camp Sequassen

Hosted by the Sequassen Alumni Association

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“Maintaining Camp Sequassen”

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About Maintaining SEQ

“Camp Facility Maintenance”

At Camp Sequassen,

the title hardly describes what it really encompasses.

Yes, it includes all forms of Maintenance, Conservation, Forestry, Wildlife, and Property Management.

But also, the continuous improvement which means projects from small to capital constructions.

Then the annual task of transforming Sequassen for Summer “Resident” Camp.

And then back again to year-round operations, supporting; unit, district and council program.

All under the responsibility of Ranger Dave and the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee.

It is not one person, nor one group that can be credited for the continuous improvement at Camp Sequassen. It is everyone working together with a common goal, to make:


Camp Sequassen the Best!

It Can Be!


for the Scouts, the Movement, our Nation,

and our World.

SeqMAINT-Pond from Waterfront Misty

What’s New At SEQ

Picnic Table Fabrication
February’s Mini Work Party

 saw to the fabrication of 18 new picnic tables.

Since 2002 the CSMC and Ranger Dave have been working together to improve the quality and quantity of picnic tables in camp. Early on, an inventory was established which is also used to set and record the allocations for the 46 campsites and areas in camp they are used. To date we have fabricated 171 tables, replacing most of the nearly 100 tables we started with, we now have an inventory of about 190 filling allocations for about 183. That’s if the 7 at the maintenance yard can be repaired. All of this was made possible through donation, from the resident camp improvement fee, the CYC Sequassen maintenance budget and all the many friends of Camp Sequassen who helped.

Parts (PT lumber)

6 ea. Tops 2” x 6” x 8’

3 ea. Top Cleats

2 ea. Upper Cross Ties

2 ea. Lower Cross Ties

2 ea. Braces, Top to Leg

4 ea. Legs

2 ea. Seats 2” x 12” x 8’



56 ea. 3-1/8” GRK Screws

28 ea. 3-1/2” GRK Screws

16 ea. 3/8” x 3-1/2” Carriage Bolts

16 ea. 3/8” Flat Washers

16 ea. 3/8” Het Nuts

It is those that gather for Friends of Camp Sequassen Thursday’s that does the majority of setup and prep work for the CSMC scheduled work events. For picnic tables that includes, cutting and staging all of the parts andhardware, arranging the shop, and setting up the stations.

Station 1

Two leg assemblies for each table are built here. This year, a jig was developed (shown in use) to facilitate the work. All in one sequence the assemblies are drilled and fastened before they are removed from the fixture, for a more

The details:

First the two legs nd then the upper and lower cross ties blanks are positioned in the fixture and clamped. Next a drilling template is set on it’s alignment pins, a part of the fixture. After all 8 holes are drilled the drilling template is set aside. Next the 8 bolts are inserted before the jig with parts are tipped up so that then washers and nut can be applied. When they are tight the jig and finished leg assembly are tipped down, the clamps are released and the leg assembly is staged adjacent to Station 3.

Station 2

The Top assemble is built here. First 6 top boards are selected and arranged in the Top fixture, 3 cleats are positioned then screwed to the top boards creating the Top Assembly, after which the free end is square cut.


Station 3

Is where two leg assemblies are attached to the one Top assembly at which point two braces are added, just sceen at left in the below picture.


Station 4

The final station pictured at right in the previous image and in the below image. Some final screwing, cutting off corners, routing of seats and Top, and seat attachment happens here. After this point the table is done and it’s out the door.

“Directional Sign” replacement project

Round two of three for the project being spearheaded by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee. One of many, not readily noticeable, improvements that are conducted at Sequassen. In this case because we are mainly replacing existing signs with like signs. but fabricated from pressure treated wood. So, it is hoped they will last twice as long, maybe 30 years if we are lucky.

SeqMAINT-Signs-TP Left
SeqMAINT-Signs-TP Right

Last year, 2019, about 149 signs were made and then installed during the Major Work Party, held in May each year. This year about 133 have been fabricated, and soon will be installed.

SeqMAINT-Signs-HC Stoop

At the same time the CSMC will be conducting a physical inventory documented with pictures and a spreadsheet. This will show how many we have to go, maybe 75, to finish the project in 2021.

Volunteer Opportunities

Did You Know

Camp Sequassen
Is Not Just

The Home Of The Hermit?

It Is also the home of 600 acres of mostly forested land with 2,500 feet of shoreline on West Hill Pond. Which means continuous tree issues. Swimming areas and a fleet of boats, canoes and the docks to tie them to. It is also the home of about 23 Program and Activity areas, including about 10 miles of outlying blazed trails. Some 147 structures, well over 500 signs telling you how to get to them and then signs welcoming you when you get there. 14 campsites with tents or lean-to’s, and lodges with berthing for many hundreds. Picnic tables, and, were talking over 170 for you to sit at. Along with administration, food service, health concerns, retail and maintenance facilities and equipment.  As well as, all of the infrastructure that is needed; numerous in-camp trails, roads and parking for about 250 vehicles. Water systems, sanitary systems, drainage systems, electrical distribution systems, a camp wide PA system, telephone, internet and lately Wifi. Well you get the picture

– there is a lot to do and there is much more to the story too.

Way more than any one Ranger can do, even if he is a super Ranger and we didn’t even mention the continuous improvements happening at Sequassen. And since the amount of work that is contracted out is next to nil, it is up to you and me, the volunteers, in scouting and in the community, to get the job done.

What Can I Do

You Ask!

Decide to do your part, each and every year!

Join with us at

The Annual Major Work Party

Held in May each year – Start by adding your name to the e-mail List Today.

Do Your Wood Badge ticket/s

in support of Camp Sequassen

Wood Badge Training

Join The

Owaneco Lodge

A service organization that supports Council Camps

Join The

Campmaster Corp

(there is a waiting list)

Camp Masters are registered volunteer Scouters who act as representatives of the camp, the ranger, and the Council. Their main purpose is in serving the campers, our customers. Making sure facilities are open and ready, facilitating activities when asked, at the same time helping to ensure safety and the protection of our property.


The Sequassen Alumni Association is an independent 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization comprised of a group of adults devoted to service to Camp Sequassen and the preservation and perpetuation of the camps customs and traditions as they have developed from the camp’s inception in 1927 to the present.

Have A Question?  Email “Sequassen Facilities Maintenance” directly

Campaigns +

Sequassen Alumni Association’s

Annual Gala Dinner

The Gala proceeds continue to fund equipment updates for the English Dining Hall Kitchen.

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