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“Maintaining Camp Sequassen”

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About Maintaining SEQ

“Camp Facility Maintenance”

At Camp Sequassen,

the title hardly describes what it really encompasses.

Yes, it includes all forms of Maintenance, Conservation, Forestry, Wildlife, and Property Management.

But also, the continuous improvement which means projects from small to capital constructions.

Then the annual task of transforming Sequassen for Summer “Resident” Camp.

And then back again to year-round operations, supporting; unit, district and council program.

All under the responsibility of Ranger Dave and the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee.


Did I say the the Paperwork is never ending!

It is not one person, nor one group that can be credited for the continuous improvement at Camp Sequassen. It is everyone working together with a common goal, to make:


Camp Sequassen the Best!

It Can Be!


for the Scouts, the Movement, our Nation,

and our World.

What’s New At SEQ

New Overhead Doors

A real game changer for Camp Maintenance

SeqMAINT-Water Bldg OH Doors_202201

January 2022 The Water Building which sits atop the hill in North Sequassen sports new overhead doors, a real improvement from the original DIY doors, one of which can be seen off to the left. Made possible through a donation, the catalyst which makes improvements at Camp Sequassen possible.  –Thank You So Much!

New Views
From Our Waterfront

The Sports program grew out of their old shed. So, a new one was purchased through the fundraising efforts of the Sequassen Alumni Association. The Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee is working to outfit the interior, Winter of 2021/2022

New Views
From Our Waterfront

Spring of 2021 saw the culmination of another major project at our Bogan Waterfront. It was comprised of a Stepped Class Area just seen through the railing below. At left the Farley Classroom Pavilion and an updated Viewing Area can be seen. The straw you see is protecting newly planted grass.


The sun rise taken August 2021 during pre-breakfast waterfront activities.

Sequassen’s Mobile Fire Ring
SeqMAINT-Fire Ring, Mobile_202112

While Campfires are far from unusual at Camp Sequassen this is the first fire ever in Sequassen’s newly fabricated “Mobile Fire Ring”.  A fire ring made possible with the help of some of the many Friends of Camp Sequassen.

Its need had been discussed over recent years, which put it on the “Wish List”. Intended for year-round program use, mainly by those using Loomis Hall or the planned Farley Pavilion area.

Coincidently just in time to make Campfires possible during the first Summer Camp 2021 held, since… COVID-19. Campfires which were held on Clark Field to provide plenty of room allowing each unit/cohort to keep separate in compliance with COVID-19 precautions.

The Missing Piece in “Turf Maintenance” Equipment at Sequassen

You may have noticed a Zero-Turn mower in camp, acquired through donation in March of 2021. It’s a great addition to the equipment used to maintain the growing amount of turf in camp. A real time saver!

Leaf clearing is the next issue we need to solve!

No Fishing!

Signs mark the end of the Direction Sign Replacement Project

These signs, reinforce our “No Fishing” from the Waterfront any time of year policy, set to keep

fishing hooks out of the feet of swimmers.They are also among the last of about 500 “direction” signs

replaced in three phases over about the same number of years by the

CSMC, Ranger Dave, and friends of Camp Sequassen.

SeqMAINT-Sign WF No Fishing tower_202201
Firewood Splitting

A Major Undertaking at Camp Sequassen

At the May 2021 Major Work Party

Running about seven log splitters these and other volunteers split Wood All Day Long!


Trees – Trees – Trees

One of the thankless tasks here at Camp!

Since the Spring of 2019 until the end of 2021 about 2,000 trees have been felled and processed at Camp Sequassen.

Of those about 1,500 were taken care of by Ranger Dave and Volunteers.

Thanks, if you were one of them!

The remainder were either logged or in the case of critical removals was hired.

Emerald Ash Borer Beetles, Camp Improvements, and the never-ending natural attrition are the primary drivers for this work.

The cancellation of Summer Camp 2020 was why we took on so many at once.

Pictured is just a sample of what has been processed into firewood or wood chips here in camp.

The Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis or EAB) is responsible for the destruction

of tens of millions of ash trees in 30 states. Promise you won’t move firewood.

A New Canopy Opening in Camp

A bit of a surprise at first but it will be worth it!

In the Fall of 2020, the area for a new South Shower House was cleared.

North Loop Gate

Access to North Sequassen Campsites has been controlled by a new gate since early Spring of 2020. The area was developed for the Frontier camping program circa 1965, a separate more rustic program no longer offered. Meals provided through the English Dining Hall were either fully prepared and provided in heater stacks or prepared by Troops or Patrols right in their sites. Its separate Frontier Waterfront was located where Pisani Beach is now. Also gone are two of the campsites’ 3 Judges now the North Parking area and added later the Simon Lake Campsite, now the Low COPE area.

It wasn’t until the COVID 19 Pandemic hit, that the gate was added to help secure the area from the local public that suddenly had too much time on their hands and didn’t know what to do with it.

The David Farley Classroom Pavilion

A new addition to Our Waterfront.

Dedicated during the 2021 Summer Camp Season in memory of David Farley.

A Scouter from a family of Scouters and Scouts.

Through the family’s generosity, a silent donation, and a fundraising campaign by the Sequassen Alumni Association

we now enjoy the pavilion, in a new viewing area, and a wall of additional classroom and waterfront viewing seats.

Stepped Classroom / Retaining Wall

This comes in real handy, especially on Orientation Day

Thanks to donations facilitated through the Sequassen Alumni Association.

Ranger’s Boyajian, brothers, set the blocks August 2020 (about 2,400 Lbs. each). Our Dave and our past Ranger Bryan down from his Camp in New Hampshire.

Guess who’s the “Big” brother?

A New Cooler

For Fresher Crisper Vegetables

While it was ready for Summer Camp 2020, it didn’t see service until 2021.

We can thank the Sequassen Alumni Association

and those who supported their 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala at Camp Sequassen.

Also Check Out the Camp Sequassen Facebook Page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Did You Know

Camp Sequassen
Is Not Just

The Home Of The Hermit?

It Is also the home of 600 acres of mostly forested land with 2,500 feet of shoreline on West Hill Pond. Which means continuous tree issues. Swimming areas and a fleet of boats, canoes and the docks to tie them to. It is also the home of about 23 Program and Activity areas, including about 10 miles of outlying blazed trails. Some 147 structures, well over 500 signs telling you how to get to them and then signs welcoming you when you get there. 14 campsites with tents or lean-to’s, and lodges with berthing for many hundreds. Picnic tables, and, were talking over 170 for you to sit at. Along with administration, food service, health & safety, retail and maintenance facilities and equipment.  As well as, all of the infrastructure that is needed; numerous in-camp trails, roads and parking for about 250 vehicles. Water systems, sanitary systems, drainage systems, electrical distribution systems, a camp wide PA system, telephone, internet and lately Wifi. Well you get the picture

– there is a lot to do and there is much more to the story too.

Way more than any one Ranger can do, even if he is a super Ranger and we didn’t even mention the continuous improvements happening at Sequassen. And since the amount of work that is contracted out is next to nil, it is up to you and me, the volunteers, in scouting and in the community, to get the job done.

What Can I Do

You Ask!

Decide to do your part, each and every year!

Join with us at

The Annual Major Work Party

Held in May each year – Start by adding your name to the e-mail List Today.

Take On

A Project or Task from our list

or contact Pat Maxim with your own idea.

Do Your Wood Badge ticket/s

in support of Camp Sequassen

Wood Badge Training

Join The

Owaneco Lodge

A service organization that supports Council Camps

Join The

Trail Masters

By adding your name to the Trail Masters email list by contacting Pat Maxim

Join The

Campmaster Corp

(there is a waiting list)

Camp Masters are registered volunteer Scouters who act as representatives of the camp, the ranger, and the Council. Their main purpose is in serving the campers, our customers. Making sure facilities are open and ready, facilitating activities when asked, at the same time helping to ensure safety and the protection of our property.


The Sequassen Alumni Association is an independent 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization comprised of a group of adults devoted to service to Camp Sequassen and the preservation and perpetuation of the camps customs and traditions as they have developed from the camp’s inception in 1927 to the present.

Have A Question?  Email “Sequassen Facilities Maintenance” directly

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This is an unpolished list of ideas for projects at Camp Sequassen.


We will read all responses and consider any constructive ideas & comments.
Project Name Project Description
Waterfront Rules Display Add to area an exterior display case for seasonal waterfront usage rules. By printing rules on standard paper, they can easily be updated.
Campsite Latrine Replacement Twelve (12) existing latrines have needed replacement for well over twenty years. A new vault design features two stalls each w/ a waterless seat. A third stall w/ waterless urinal, and a covered porch w/ hand washing sink/s.  One to two can be completed per year in house depending on workload.
Dining Room Drinks Counter Replace existing unsanitary DIY drinks counter with equivalent commercially available SS Counter/cabinet.
Dining Hall Back Up Generator Create back-up power supply to maintain (limited) operation of Dining Hall during Summer Camp Operations and prevent significant loss of food supplies during power outages.
South Shower House Replace existing shower house with year-round facility containing nine individual bathrooms with walk in shower.
Replace campsite lean-to’s Replace aging lean-tos with newer design which also increases capacity 50% without increasing roofs to maintain and keeps campsites consistent. Twenty-two (22) of fifty-six (56) lean-to’s yet to be upgraded.
Residence Chimney Restoration Restore existing chimney to prevent failure and prevent water damage.
Well Updates to pit less For Loomis and Friendship construct dedicated above grade structures to house updated well equipment replacing the old located below grade which does not meet current Connecticut regulation.
Maintenance Shop Replacement A larger facility to allow for needed storage, adequate work area, bathroom, and Facilities office. As current footprint is too small, and work conditions unsafe.
Sailboat Fleet Replacement, 2-person trainer, self-bailing Quantity 10 (Looking at RS Terra Sport)
Zimmerman Cabin Rehab In conjunction with the cabins underground resupply of electricity from new S. Shower House, completely rewiring cabin and do related interior updates.
Dining Hall Chimney Restoration Restore existing chimneys to prevent failure.
Dining Hall Display Cases Add display case at main entry for both porches to display Summer Camp Menus, Program, and Camp Usage information.
Dining Hall Kitchen Renovation A complete renovation including walls, floors-2022, electrical, lighting, plumbing (Replacement of waste lines & update of water lines), and updates, and update storage method.
Pick Up Truck & Plow Replace aging camp truck with 3/4 Ton, single cab, 4WD long bed, and air conditioning. Also replace aging snowplow not interchangeable with replacement truck.
Dining Hall Flat Roof Replacement Replace flat roof sections with gable roof structure.
Amphitheater Shoreline Retaining Wall Replace existing crumbling retaining wall to prevent injury and enhance property by creating a dedicated fishing spot below Amphitheater.
Platt Field Service Road Widening existing trail to Platt Field will provide means for “Off Road camp vehicles” to stay off town roads when accessing relative sections of camp. A subsequent project could also provide safer camper access to Cedar campsite.
Shotgun Range Parking / Turn Around Add parking area for 2-3 cars and a means of turning around.
Septic system replacement, Shoreline… Upgrade current failing septic systems (and unknown systems) serving Loomis, Family Cabins 4-7, and Bennett, Sargent and Alling cottages with a single septic system to meet current demand and accommodate expansion with Waterfront Cabin Replacement project
Platt Field Improvements Add Drainage, improve turf, and add road surface to one side of perimeter. Also, adjacent boundary trail improvements.
Central Shower House Replace existing shower house with year-round facility containing nine individual bathrooms with walk in shower.
Dump Truck Replacement Replace existing oversized & weighted dump truck with a smaller one suited to camp needs.
Utility Vehicle (UTV) Replacement Replace aging UTV with new/er version of same model which is well suited for use.
Pole Barn Replacement Replace failing structure to provide safe storage for building materials and heavy equipment (backhoe, excavator, etc.)
Waterfront Program Platform
(Tailored Pontoon Boat)
For various program activities such as skin diving at preferred locations.
Program Latrine Replacement Five (5) existing latrines have needed replacement for well over twenty years. A new vault design features two stalls each w/ a waterless seat. A third stall w/ waterless urinal, and a covered porch w/ hand washing sink/s.  One to two can be completed per year in house depending on workload.
Dining Hall Service Road modernization Update dining hall service road to allow for modern food delivery methods, waste management and other service trucks. At the same time further separating these activities from the camp population and activities.
Septic system, Welcome area Add common septic system to serve Trading Post, Welcome Center, and Training Center / Leaders Lounge.
Trading Post Replace aging trading post with larger more suitable facility with 1-2 half bathrooms
Shotgun Range Acoustic Barriers Build acoustic barriers to minimize noise for neighbors
Nature Area / Cohen Remodel Enclose back right deck area doubling size of Nature Center, upgrade electrical service…, repair Cohen exterior siding and stain. In support of three season program use.
Access Road to Property / Pisani Beach Widen and resurface road with stone process. To access adjacent woods, shoreline too, and Pisani Beach for emergency & security purposes by camp off-road vehicles.
Row & Motorboat fleet with Oars Replacement, fixed 3 seat (person) flat bottomed aluminum boats with flotation. Quantity 17. 12 Boats to be outfitted with retractable oarlocks for safety which allow for feathering of oars. Oars to be of wood with leathers and buttons and sized appropriately. (Looking at 1436 by G3 Boats)
Health Lodge Renovations Updating bathrooms, the ward, and other minor changes to better serve modern healthcare practices and needs. As well as improved ventilation and new floors throughout. Provides possible seasonal use as single training room with kitchenette and bathrooms.
Residence Three Car Garage Addition Build a typical residential garage attached to residence in place of existing brick paved driveway. Located in a region of heavy snow and rain the Ranger and family currently and necessarily keep their cars and the primary camp truck in the open which causes premature aging. Note, existing attached single car garage is unsuitable for purpose.  –Conceived and listed by Pat Maxim CSMC Chair…
Rifle Building and Range Improvements Range building replacement. Range improvements, quicker target changing, Acoustic Barriers, and classroom Pavilion. Relocation of range will be Considered.
Handicrafts Area Expansion Two separate class pavilions to expand offerings and separate activities.
Shoreline Cabin Replacements Replace Bennett, Sergeant and Alling cottages with four (4) prefabricated year-round Conestoga brand log cabins that sleep six (6), with kitchen, and bathroom that can be rented year-round and used for staff housing during resident camp season.
Firewood Storage Pavilions (2) Build covered structures (2 locations) for split wood used in rental cabins.
Amphitheater Revitalization Expand earthen stage area adding elements for safe use. Update seating, the sound system, and lighting.
Project should follow or coincide with Amphitheater Shoreline Retaining Wall project.
North Shower House Relocate and replace existing shower house with year-round facility containing nine individual bathrooms with showers.
Relocate and Upgrade Scoutcraft Program Area Centrally relocate away from Shotgun Range. Will feature multiple new pavilions.
Beaver dam meadow & Cedar swamp causeway Create a meadow outlook & Cedar swamp access and nature path.
Staff Recreation Facility If we get the Welcome center, we might remodel Top floor of Alderman as Staff Lounge for Summer Camp and Training / Conference room.
Three Season Archery Range Enhance existing archery area to allow for year-round shooting. May relocate to current rifle range location.
Relocate Metal Working Program Area When North Shower is replaced repurpose existing structure to house Metal Working… Expanding Trades area & offerings.
Replace Loomis Cabin
& Waterfront Storage
Replace Loomis Cabin with a foundation that does not flood, provides adequate and safe aquatic equipment storage, creates alternate classroom space during summer resident camp, and upgrades current sleeping facility/s with multi use rooms.
Welcome Center / Office Add multi-functional building near main parking lot that can be used for welcome center, camp office, and camp masters dwelling.
Shop Tool Storage Update Add 2 Commercial Grade Tool Cabinets to organize and store tools & supplies ready for quick use.
Training Center / Leaders Lounge Add Training Center / Leaders lounge building hear Trading post adjacent to Main parking lot.
Hermit Area Enhancements

Update or add to existing features in line with Camp lore. Improved aesthetics and branding. To include the shacks interior.

SeqMAINT-Pond from Waterfront Misty Has It All