The purpose of BSA Training is to PREPARE Leaders to DO THEIR BEST as they bring the Scouting program to our youth.  The Training Road begins with Position Specific Training for the role you have volunteered to do.  As your role changes, there is new training awaiting you to help you gain the tools you need to succeed in this new path you have chosen to take.    Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities to help you out along the way.

Once you have completed Position Specific Training there are many additional opportunities for you to hone your Scouting Skills.  There are courses that prepare you to bring the Outside Program (BALOO, IOLS) to your Scouts.  There are programs to be sure you follow all of the Safety Precautions needed for certain activities.  There are courses to help you develop Training or Leadership skills of your own.   Whatever path your Scouting adventure takes you on as a Leader, there is Training to guide you along the way and make your job easier.

Training can take place online or in person at courses offered by the Council Training Committee on evenings and weekends.  And it can also be found informally at District Roundtables and Networking Nights (Aquila, Saugatuck, Quinnipiac, Togo West, District Pages), and at other Trainings Events throughout the year.  Wherever leaders are gathered, the Training Committee is working to bring the skills you need to build a better program to you.  Let us know how we can help.

If you have any questions about training, feel free to reach out.

Learning is a lifelong adventure!

Donna Wesolowski, Council Training Chair,   donnaweso@optimum.net