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Scouting is the premier youth serving organization that teaches leadership, self-reliance, and community service while being fun for the entire family.
We are dedicated to making Scouting available to as many families as possible
Check out how your District is doing below!

2022 Membership Growth Goal Status - 9/20/22

Council (-986) 86.8%
Pomperaug (--286) 83.7%
Powahay (--179) 83.4%
Quinnipiac (--288) 82.3%
Scatacook (--249) 80.8%
Togo West (---124) 93.4%


Welcome to the Membership Basecamp! We’re on the cusp of a new, exciting era for Scouting. Our program is uniquely positioned for growth and prosperity. Our communities need Scouting and the unique leadership programs we offer.

This page is a resource for you to reference and share throughout the year. Our team will be posting resources year-round to help you.


Yours in Scouting,

Jim Accomando

Vice President of Membership