Welcome to the Council Advancement Center! Advancement is at the core of the Scouting experience. The Scouting program is designed for young men and women to progress at their own pace through experiential learning- learning by doing with the goal of personal growth.

Council Advancement Committee:

Council Advancement Chair

District Advancement Chairs:

Pomperaug District

Powahay District

Quinnipiac District

Scatacook District

Professional Staff Advisor

John Davenport: jjdlegaleagle@aol.com


Patricia Day:  patriciaday@att.net

Chester Wickett:  cwickett@optonline.net

Dan Burns:  danielcburns@optonline.net

Robert Areklett:  acm.llc@hotmail.com

Jim Patterson:  jim.patterson@scouting.org

Useful links:

BSA National Web Site
Internet advancement link
Religious Emblems Program: Pray Web Site or Program Overview



Cub Scout Advancement Resources

Pack Library Recommendations (Lighthouse District specific document)
Cub Scout Rank Requirements

Boy Scout Advancement Resources

Troop Library Recommendations (Lighthouse District specific document)
Bcout Rank Requirements Changes FAQ
2016 Boy Scout Rank Requirement Changes
Guide to Advancement: The definitive book from the Boy Scouts about Advancement

There are also a number of presentations that you may download from Scouting.org, or view on YouTube.

  • Introduction to the Guide to Advancement (10 min.) Download, View Now
  • Judgment Calls (24 min.) covering the “active,” position of responsibility, and Scout spirit requirements, and also “reasonable expectations.” Download, View Now
  • Boards of Review (15 min.) Download View Now
  • Boards of Review Under Disputed Circumstances (6 min.) Download, View Now
  • Boards of Review Appeals (4 min.) Download View Now

Eagle Scout Advancement Resources

Eagle Workbook Download (PC or Mac)
Merit Badge Group Instruction Guide
Eagle Process Instructions (Pomperaug District specific document)
The Eagle Scout Application Process (8 min.) View Now
Eagle Scout Boards of Review (4 min.) View Now

The Knotty Scouter (Lighthouse District specific document)
Unit Awards:

District Awards: District Award of Merit Nomination Form

Council Awards: Silver Beaver Nomination Form

Service Awards: BSA Awards Central