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Sequassen Arrowhead Recognition

A Decades old Tradition recognizing key individuals who have contributed to the success of Camp Sequassen. Arrowheads for those who currently hold these positions are displayed at the Trading Post. Additionally there is an effort to fill-in and maintain a list  to this page.






Robert Pratt Council Camping Chairman
Winthrop Smith Council Camping Chairman
Irving H. Schlesinger Council Camping Chairman
Leo Silverstein Jr. Council Camping Chairman
Robert Haversat Council Camping Chairman
Dave Hungerford Council Camping Chairman
Karl Rosenbaum Council Camping Chairman
John McKechnie Council Camping Chairman 1994 1997
Steve Grove Council Camping Chairman 1997 1999
John Farley Council Camping Chairman 2001 2003
Douglas Machin Council Camping Chairman 2004 2005
William R. Hall Council Camping Chairman 2005 Present
Edward Tamasi Camp Director
Robert Towne Camp Director
Alfred Morin Camp Director
Stanley A. Sherwood Camp Director 1972 1973
Edward R. Ostrosky Camp Director
Robert A. Lewis Camp Director
Tom McMahon Camp Director
Steve Grove Camp Director
K. Zane Camp Director
Tom Dolan Camp Director
David Maher Camp Director 1991 1993
Daniel M. Groth [1] Camp Director 1993 1997
Daniel B. Cooley Camp Director 2000 2018
Michael Morrell [2] Camp Director 2018 2020
Joseph Kierwiak Camp Director 2021 Present
Carl Flodquist Camp Maintenance Chairman 1978 1992
John Burke Camp Maintenance Chairman 1992 1999
Thomas J. Young Camp Maintenance Chairman 1999 2014
Patrick H. Maxim Camp Maintenance Chairman 2015 Present
Lawton Sargent Council President
Richard H. Bowerman Council President
Alfred Sanford Council President
Leo Silverstein Jr. Council President
Lawrence Iannotti Council President
Charles J. Anderson Council President
Richard D. Knott Council President
A. Alderman Council President
D. Hungerford Council President
P. Durosko Council President
R.M. Augur Council President
Bruce L. Morris Council President
William Colwell Council President 1993 1995
William B.Laudano Jr. Council President 1997 1998
Ronald T. Urquhart Council President 1999 1999
Robert A. Payne Council President 2000 2002
Robert T. Sadock, MD Council President 2003 2004
John C. Andres, Esq. Council President 2005 2006
Steven L. Crews Council President 2007 2008
Christopher L. Caruso Council President 2009 2010
Douglas Machin Council President 2011 2012
Michael Abrahamson Council President 2013 2014
Christopher McLeod Council President 2015 2016
Christopher Luise Council President 2017 2018
David B. Sippin Council President 2019 2020
Rudy Escalante Council President 2021 _ Present
Daniel B. Cooley Council Program Director 1998 2015
Michael Morrell [2,3] Council Program Director 2015 2020
Kellogg? Camp Ranger 1927 195?
Ernest Wheat Camp Ranger 1954 1981
Al Linnel Camp Ranger 1981 1983
Daniel M. Groth [1] Camp Ranger 1993 1997
Brian Boyajian Camp Ranger 1997 1999
David Boyajian Camp Ranger 1999 Present
Robert C. Birkemeier Council Scout Executive 1972
Kenneth W. Prowse Council Scout Executive 1972 1990
John Hunt Council Scout Executive
Robert Mersereau Council Scout Executive 1994 1998
Douglas Krofina Council Scout Executive 1998 2003
Louis Salute Council Scout Executive 2004 2012
Charles Flowers Council Scout Executive 2013 2020
Mark Kraus Council Scout Executive 2020 Present
Andrea R. Ulery Council VP Properties 2021 Present
Christopher Guarniere Camp Program Director 2002 2003
Andrea R. Ulery Camp Program Director 2004 2006
Kevin Sylvester Camp Program Director 2007 2008
Charles A. Johnson Camp Program Director 2009 2010
Alex Cantor Camp Program Director 2011 2012
Lucas Blinn Camp Program Director 2014 2014
Mike Migliore Camp Program Director 2015 Present

*Initial Arrowheads were not dated, but are in the order that they were mounted in Dining Hall.  [1] Daniel M. Groth held two positions while he was employed at Camp Sequassen; Camp Director and Ranger.  [2] Virtual Camp Phoenix and other programs held instead of 2020 summer Camp program due to COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions. [3] Position eliminated August 22, 2021.  [4] 2021 is first listing for existing V.P. Properties position due to board reorganization and elimination of Council Program Director staff position.

Currently Arrowheads are displayed at the Trading Post, now operating from the old Cook’s Shack.

The Arrow Head Project

Can you help us, we are looking for information.

While the camp continually changes we want to continue many of the traditions which were adopted in the past. One of those is to recognize those who have held key positions important to the welfare and success of Camp Sequassen. In doing this a policy was established where an arrowhead is displayed, in camp, for those currently in these positions. Additionally to create framed lists of those having held a position in the past. To this end we are asking for as much information as we can get. Do contact contact us if you can help, we would like to have as complete and accurate a record as is possible.

Mainly we are looking for missing; dates, completeness of names, correct spelling and the like. In addition anyone able to verify what has been gathered already would also be appreciated. Verification can be in the form of pictures, documents and the like, but they can also be recollections, though please let us know how sure you are.

List reflects what we have as of 4/12/2021

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