Welcome to the Aquila District page! We are excited to bring Scouting’s mission and adventures to young men and women across northern Fairfield County. As District leaders, our goal is to ensure the growth and success of units in our great communities. We work with our chartered organizations and community groups to organize and grow Scouting units. Join us on the adventure of Scouting.

Yours in Scouting,

Connie Hemphill, District Chair | Jacob Cedusky, District Commissioner | Bill Reynolds, District Director

District Resources

To add to this list please contact Gregg Baimel (greggbb@gmail.com).

Month Date(s) Event Links Contact
August 7 Membership Kickoff @7:30pm, Council Service Center or Zoom https://www.ctyankee.org/events/membership-kickoff-august-7-2024/ seth.strohecker@gmail.com
August 23-25 Wood Badge Weekend 1 https://www.ctyankee.org/events/wood-badge-2024/ scdoolittle@gmail.com
August 27 ConnJam Kickoff Planning Meeting https://www.ctyankee.org/events/connjam-kick-off-planning-meeting/ johnwhanks@hotmail.com
August 29 Council Recognition Dinner Council Recognition Dinner – Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA
September 5 Aquila Committee Meeting – all are welcome! St Thomas Church Bethel, 7:30pm conniefox.scouts@gmail.com
September 6-8 OA Induction Weekend https://www.ctyankee.org/events/oa-induction-weekend-september-24/ lester.e.mcguire.3@gmail.com
September 11 Aquila Roundtable St Thomas Church Bethel, 7:30pm jcedusky@gmail.com
September 13-15 Aquila Fall Camporee https://www.ctyankee.org/events/aquila-fall-camporee-24/
September 21-22 Wood Badge Weekend 2 https://www.ctyankee.org/events/wood-badge-2024/ scdoolittle@gmail.com
September 27-28 Scout Day at Lime Rock https://www.ctyankee.org/events/scout-day-at-lime-rock-2024/ activities@ctyankee.org
September 27-28 Hike the Giant 2024 https://www.ctyankee.org/events/hike-the-giant-24/

You can subscribe directly to the CYC Events Calendar by adding this URL to iCal or Google Calendar (without the quotes):

”  https://www.ctyankee.org/?rhc_action=get_icalendar_events&post_type[]=events   “


Second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM (Sept-May)
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
95 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel

Latest News from Aquila District & Council

Name Email Position Committee Sub Committee / Units Covered
Connie Hemphill conniefox.scouts@gmail.com District Chair Key 3
Jacob Cedusky jcedusky@gmail.com District Commissioner Key 3
Bill Reynolds bill.reynolds@scouting.org District Director Key 3
Vic Grancelli granchev@granchev.com Vice Chair Program
John Goyette john.goyette@gmail.com Vice Chair Membership
JC Cinelli jcinelli@gmail.com Chair Program Training
Robert Joseph Areklett acm.llc@hotmail.com Chair Program Advancement
Gregg Baimel greggbb@gmail.com Chair Communications
Steve Rogalski srog197@gmail.com Chair Program Camping / Sequassen
Ted Kimble etkimble@gmail.com Chair Program Activities
Greg Zap gmzap@optonline.net Member at Large Program Camping / Hoyt
Jeff Timmons jeffreyftimmons@gmail.com Member at Large Program Shooting Sports
Ray Pflomm rflum39@gmail.com Vice Chair Nominating Camping / Hoyt
Lester McGuire lester.e.mcguire.3@gmail.com OA Advisor Program OA
Jeffrey Jorgenson jeffery@jorgenson.net Member at Large Membership
Wendy Barnarbo wendy@spagnet.com Town Coordinator – Bethel Membership
open open Town Coordinator – Brookfield Membership
Michel Herzegovitch mherzegovitch@att.net Town Coordinator – Danbury Membership
Lester McGuire lester.e.mcguire.3@gmail.com Town Coordinator – New Fairfield Membership
Merredith Christos MerredithChristos@gmail.com Town Coordinator – Newtown Membership
Sabrina Doolittle scdoolittle@gmail.com Town Coordinator – Ridgefield Membership
Barbara Richardson barbrichardson6784@gmail.com Town Coordinator – Sherman Membership
open open Vice Chair Development
Bruce Bowlus bjbowlus@comcast.net Member at Large Development
Jim Pratt jpratt311@gmail.com Member at Large Development
Wade Anderson wade.anderson11@gmail.com Member at Large Development
open open Roundtable Commissioner Commissioners
open open Roundtable Commissioner Commissioners
Alex Makai alexmakai44@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P44, P135, T33, T70, T135
George Boncek gboncek@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P234, T870
Ken Hall kenbhall862@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P156, T9, T42
Milton Craven usnretrm2@aol.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P137, T142, P137
Sabrina Doolittle scdoolittle@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P74, P116, P124, T76, T179
Steve Rogalski srog197@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P19, T116, T431
Steve Walsh swalsh6288@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P118, T15, T306
Stephen Frattini stfrattini@gmail.com Unit Commissioner Commissioners P84, T48
Tim Smith timothysmith@snet.net Unit Commissioner Commissioners T235, T710
Tom Maxwell maxwelltm@charter.net Unit Commissioner Commissioners P270, T270, T370
David Barrett dbscouts@charter.net Member at Large
David Shuford dave@reddingscouts.org Member at Large
Henry Emil Karl hank@hankkarl.com Member-at-Large
Jay Lubin jaylubin@gmail.com Member at Large
John Gelinas gelinas@optonline.net Member at Large
Jonathan Davis jonathan.r.davis@gmail.com Member at Large
Steve Agnew steve.agnew.ct@gmail.com Member at Large
David Zeh dzeh06804@gmail.com Member at Large
John Queenan jqueenan@wpsir.com Member at Large Merit Badge List
Judy Hammel hammelbsa@gmail.com Member at Large

District Chairs & Commissioners

Date District Chairman District Commissioner
2024 Gregg Baimel / Connie Hemphill Jacob Cedusky

District Key 3 Award

The following Scouters have received the Aquila District Key 3 Award for Service to Youth:

Year Recipients
2024 TBD


District Award of Merit

The following members of Aquila District have been recognized for their service with the District Award of Merit:

Year Recipients
2024 TBD


Silver Beaver Award

The following members of Aquila District have been recognized for their service with the Silver Beaver Award:

Year Recipients
2024 TBD

District Chairs & Commissioners


Date District Chairman District Commissioner
2024 Gabe Zayas Nathan Schindler
2023 Gabe Zayas Nathan Schindler
2022 Gabe Zayas Gene Waring
2021 Seth Strohecker / Gabe Zayas Kathy Dilks / Gene Waring
2020 Seth Strohecker Kathy Dilks
2019 Seth Strohecker Kathy Dilks
2018 Scott McCurdy / Seth Strohecker Seth Strohecker / Kathy Dilks
2017 Scott McCurdy Seth Strohecker
2016 Jennifer Jackson / Scott McCurdy Scott McCurdy / Seth Strohecker
2015 Jennifer Jackson Scott McCurdy
2014 Jennifer Jackson Scott McCurdy
2013 Bill Ference Scott McCurdy
2012 Bill Ference Scott McCurdy
2011 Bill Ference Scott McCurdy
2010 Robert Cloutier Bill Ference
2009 Robert Cloutier Mark Robinson
2008 Robert Cloutier Peter Gordon / Mark Robinson
2007 Robert Cloutier Peter Gordon
2006 Bob Abercrombie / Dr. Bob Kravecs
2003 Michael Abrahamson
2002 Michael Abrahamson
2001 Michael Abrahamson
2000 Michael Abrahamson
1999 Michael Abrahamson

District Key 3 Award

The following Scouters have received the Pomperaug District Key 3 Award for Service to Youth:

Year Recipients
2020 Phil Clancy, Gene Waring, Kermit Bierut
2019 Gabe Zayas, Chuck Figlar, Dan Marazita
2017 Irene Syomichev, Gordon Beach, Seth Strohecker
2015 JC Cinelli, Rob Lopez
2014 John Valus, Gabe Zayas
2013 David Nobile
2012 Dennis Doherty, Yvonne Neary, Peter Anstett
2011 Frank Duffy, John Neary, Jennifer Jackson
2010 Paula Fromm, Dennis Doherty, Bill Amidon
2009 Barbara King, Scott McCurdy, Joyce Ference
2008 Bill Ference, Chris Caruso, Gordon Beach
2007 Bob Cloutier, Mark Robinson, Chris Caruso
2006 Doug Heim, Bill Amidon, Pam Robinson
2005 Pam Robinson, Chris Caruso, Bob Abercrombie
2004 Barbara King, Chris Caruso, Rick Bensen
2003 Nick Cianciola, Gary Peterson, Michael Golrick
2002 Larry Scinto, George Stockley, Nils Trahnstrom


District Award of Merit

The following members of Pomperaug District have been recognized for their service with the District Award of Merit:

Year Recipients
2022 Jeff Glans, Brian Rapillo
2021 Nathan Schindler, Ben Strong
2020 Kathy Dilks, Anne Amidon
2019 Hugh Welch
2017 Gene Waring, Ed Gratrix
2016 JC Cinelli, John Valus
2015 Gabe Zayas, Lawrence Ratner
2014 David Nobile
2013 Peter Anstett
2012 Jennifer Jackson
2011 Dennis Doherty, Erik Moore, Joyce Ference
2010 Steve Jepson, Scott McCurdy, Phil Philbrick
2009 Mark Robinson, Bill Ference, Dan Marazita, David Elkodsi
2008 Ralph Council, Chuck Emerson, Dave Mestre
2007 Bob Cloutier, Rich Colon, Doug Heim
2006 Ira Goldman, John Neary, Pam Robinson
2005 John Andres, Rick Benson, Bill Lindsey
2004 Bob Abercrombie, Bill Hall, Andy Spalla
2003 Bill Amidon, Lenore Errichetti, Barbara King, Randy Kriewald
2002 Mark Carpenter, Elizabeth Duke, Bruce Stratford, James Woods
2001 Barry Buzzell, Patricia Haines, Gary Peterson, Tony Psomas
2000 James Carroll, Michael Golrick, Tony Giunta, Bob Kravacs, Shawn Weeks
1999 Michael Cruzon, Joseph Delnicky, Carol Schmaling, Shelley Visiniski
1998 Mike Abrahamson, Jim Bailey, Steve Blackman
1997 Ralph Deer, Ed Kosciolek, Howard Lehrman
1996 Chet Bankowski, Robert Edmonds, Anne Tomatore, Fred Vigeant
1995 Chris Bassick, Frank Duffy, Julius Hull, Larry Scinto
1994 Rich Alesevich, Debbie Redman, Joseph Swiatek
1993 Jack Boitano, Jon Duguid, Bill Fromm, Renee Hoffman
1992 Roosevelt Bradshaw, Robert Bylo, Peter Gordon, Donald Goyette
1991 Jack Berry, Charlie Blanchette, Chris Caruso, Paula Fromm, Cheryl Pierini, Stephen Tesla
1990 Joseph Chebowski, Ray Gosselin, Karl Kery, Robert Myers, Bill Staffey, Nils Trahnstrom
1989 BJ Cianciola, Chuck Figlar, Harry Forstrom, Jay Huggins, Elliot Netherton, Julianne Paylo
1988 Ernie Conrad, Chris Dibble, Glen Holden, Betty Kiraly, Nick Merola, Mike Weinshel
1987 Joe Gagne, Frank Helms, Bill Janega, Sue McGuire, James Montlick, Cheryl Niestemski
1986 Gary Anderson, Paul Copp, Gary Dingus, John Josko, Viola Karlovich, Wilson Ryder
1985 Paul Kallmeyer, Carol Murzin, Ted Pacanowski, Joseph Rescsanski, Austin Sasso, David Sevick, Jim Whittaker
1984 Trudy Arsenault, Ray Caterson, Emery Lizak, Greg Marazita, Ed Stallings, Ken Thomas
1983 Dick Bartholomew, Ray Long, Stuart Nayler, Jim Shannon, Robert Sherman, John Turechek
1982 Bruce Allen, Olga Betso, James Cebulski, Mark Gross, Robert Pickett, Thomas Sturges
1981 Frank Bridgeforth, James Bunting, Richard Cocchia, Pat Day, Ron Knapik, Norman Macoy
1980 Ethel Arbogast, Gary Ciuccoli, David Demaine, John Huggins, Lee Kline, George Krapp, Edwin White, Robert Wilson
1979 Nick Cianciola, Flo Costa, John Deer, Mary Anne DesRoches, Robert Haller, Paul Lengel, Robert Philbrick, Richard Rogers, Howard Vaum
1978 John Baksay, Lawrence Bergeron, William Durko, John Heckler, William Kosturko, Donald Mason, Delores Micinilio, Daniel Ryan
1977 Bill Bradley, Leslie Henchcliffe, David Russell
1976 Gordon Beach, Peter Costello, Charles Grabert, John Masler, Ward Montgomery, AM Moody, Ralph Smith
1975 George Fitzsimonds, Jack Klein, Lenny Koronkiewicz, Elmer Ruscoe, Carl Twertz, William Watkins
1974 Lawson Corbit, Viola Duffy, Walter Goode, Tom McCann, Tom Merola, George Sargent, Beverly Stevens
1973 George Babey, Vito DeCarolis, Carolyn Krapp, John Ostrosky, Arthur Perry
1972 Robert Fulton, Alonzo Kiser, Edward Matosian, Robert McCorkle


Silver Beaver Award

The following members of Pomperaug District have been recognized for their service with the Silver Beaver Award:

Year Recipients
2016 Raymond Spagnuolo, Gabriel Zayas
2014 William Chin, Jennifer Jackson, Scott McCurdy
2013 Michael Card, Joyce Ference, David Mestre
2012 Peter Anstett, Dan Marazita
2011 Bill Ference
2010 Robert Cloutier, David Elkodsi, Thomas O’Brien
2009 Doug Heim, Bill Janega, Pam Robinson
2008 John Andres, Chris Caruso, Bill Hall
2007 Peter Gordon, Ray Latham
2006 Bill Amidon, Robert Kral
2005 John Neary
2004 Mark Carpenter
2003 Richard Benson, Julius Blackwelder, Ronald Knapik
2002 Chester Bankowski, Michael Golrick
2001 Frank Duffy, Anthony Giunta, Robert Kravecs
2000 Michael Abrahamson, Stephen Tesla


Russ Cumming Award

Presented to a Scouter to recognize longstanding service to the District. Russ Cumming served the Nutmeg District and its predecessor as the District Commissioner for over 30 years, as well as Scouting for over 50 years. Russ received the Silver Beaver in 1975. The flagpole at the Easton Town Hall is dedicated Russ for his service to the Boy Scouts of America and the Town of Easton. Russ passed away in 1993.

Year Recipients
2017 Bill Hall
2016 Chris Caruso
2015 Ray LaLuna
2014 Bob Sherman
2013 Chuck Figlar
2012 David Elkodsi
2011 Gordon Beach
2010 Nick Cianciola
? Bill Bradley
? Nils Trahnstrom
? Bob Meyers
? Pat Day
? Jay Huggins
? Charlie Blanchette
? John Duguid


Stew Stern Award

Presented to the Scouter who most represents the fourth, fifth, and sixth points of the Boy Scout Law (friendly, courteous, and kind). Stew Stern served as District Chairman and passed away suddenly in 2000.

Year Recipients
2016 Craig Van Steenbergen
2015 Leslie Cheney
2014 Joyce Ference
2013 John Neary
2012 Jennifer Jackson
2011 Bill Ference
2010 Bill Hall
2009 Gordon Beach
2008 Bob Cloutier
2006 Bill Amidon
2005 Ralph Deer
2004 Michael Golrick
2003 Larry Scinto
2002 Mary Anne DesRoches
2001 Chuck Figlar


DesRoches/McGuire Cub Scout Service Award

Presented to a Scouter for distinguished service to Cub Scout youth in the Pomperaug District. Created in 2010 in honor of Mary Anne DesRoches and Sue McGuire for their long-time service to Cub Scouts.

Year Recipients
2017 Michele Correl
2016 JC Cinelli
2014 Yvonne Neary
2011 Dan Marazita
2010 Mary Anne DesRoches, Sue McGuire


First Class Scouter Award

This award is presented to a Scouter for outstanding service to Scouting in a Unit or to the District. Nominations are made by any registered leader in the District. Final selection is made by the Key 3. Up to 3 awards may be given per year.

Year Recipients
2017 Jeff Glands, Hugh Welch, Leslie Cheney
2016 Seth Strohecker
2015 Michael Ingmanson, Drew Hiltz, Jeff Ransden, Ed Gratrix
2014 Rob Lopez, Craig VanSteenbergen, Gene Waring
2013 David Nobile, Lawrence Ratner, John Valus, Gabe Zayas
2012 Joyce Ference
2011 Richard Stone
2010 Jennifer Jackson, Erik Moore, Sania Werner
2009 Michael Card, Scott Redfern
2008 Frank Duffy, Mark Robinson
2007 Randy Debiase
2006 Dan Marazita, Luis Rodrigues, Dave Mestre, Sharon Richardson
2005 Sharon Richardson, Dave Elkodsi, Dave Mestre, Mary Anne Abercrombie
2004 Randy Debiase, Brian Diamond, John Neary
2003 Andy Spalla, Terry Rainey, Bill Hall, Sharon Richardson, Bob Cloutier
2002 Tom Naples, Bill Lindsey, Lenore Erichetti, Barbara King, Ken Krasko, Bill Amidon


Venturing Leadership Award

The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code. Venturing Leadership Award candidates must be registered and involved in Venturing as a Venturer or an adult for at least one year.

Year Recipients
2017 Katelyn Sun
2013 Tara Moore
2012 Kayla Ruge, Joyce Ference
2011 Wendy Amidon, Will Kommritz, Sandra Zapata, Robert Kravecs, Jr., David Nobile
2010 Shea Marazita, Laura O’Brien, Suzanne Rieve
2009 Jennettie Amidon, William Amidon, John Neary
2008 Connor Rieve, Bill Ference, Charles Rieve
2007 Michael Golrick, Tom Morrison
2006 Richard Alesevich
2005 John Andres, Crescent Kral
2004 Mark Carpenter, Robert Kral

District Chairs & Commissioners

Date District Chairman District Commissioner
2024 Gregg Baimel / Connie Hemphill Jacob Cedusky
2023 Gregg Baimel David Zeh / Jacob Cedusky
2022 Gregg Baimel David Zeh
2021 Ray Pflomm David Zeh
2020 Ray Pflomm David Zeh
2019 Steve Agnew / Ray Pflomm David Zeh
2018 Steve Agnew Tom O’Brien / David Zeh
2017 Steve Agnew Tom O’Brien
2016 John Gelinas Tom O’Brien
2015 John Gelinas Tom O’Brien
2014 Eric Larson / John Gelinas Tom O’Brien
2013 Eric Larson Tom O’Brien
2012 Eric Larson Michael Carpenter / Tom O’Brien
2011 Eric Larson Michael Carpenter
2010 Eric Larson Michael Carpenter
2009 Dan Garrick / Eric Larson Michael Carpenter
2008 Alvin Tuck / Eric Goldstein Michael Carpenter
2007 Alvin Tuck Michael Carpenter
2006 Thomas Maxwell Richard Barton
2005 Jay Lubin Leona Eggleston
2004 Jay Lubin Carlton Kline / Leona Eggleston
2003 Jay Lubin Carlton Kline
2002 Dave Perkins TG Henderson / Carlton Kline
2001 Dave Perkins TG Henderson
2000 Dave Perkins Carlton Kline / TG Henderson
1999 Jonathan Collins / Doug Machin Carlton Kline
1998 Jonathan Collins Barbara Kinzig
1997 Rich Barton Carlton Kline
1996 Rich Barton Denise Carlson / Carlton Kline
1995 Robert Gyle Denise Carlson
1994 Stew Schilb Denise Carlson
1993 Stew Schilb Denise Carlson
1992 Vin Nolan Rick Carlson
1991 Vin Nolan Rick Carlson
1990 Ed DeVeaux Ron Willson
1989 Ed DeVeaux Ron Willson
1988 Mike Troy Mario DeLucia
1987 Mike Troy Mario DeLucia
1986 Gerard Bent Mario DeLucia
1985 John O’Hern Emile Smith
1984 John O’Hern Ralph Herald
1983 Frank Cervera Boyd Clark
1982 Frank Cervera Bob James / Boyd Clark
1981 Frank Cervera Bob James
1980 Coy King / Ralph Herald Ralph Herald / Bob James
1979 Coy King – Open –
1978 Coy King ? ? ?
1977 V.C. Rick Weidner Mort Johnson
1976 V.C. Rick Weidner Larry Fay
1975 V.C. Rick Weidner Tony Bedini
1974 Ralph Herald J. Herbert McKee
1973 Ralph Herald J. Herbert McKee
1972 Ralph Herald John Moran
1971 John L. Dietter John Moran
1970 John L. Dietter John Moran
1969 John L. Dietter John Moran
1968 Aldo Scudo John Moran

Many thanks to:

John O’Hern and his extensive collection of early Scouter Newsletters (1968-1989)

Carlton Kline and his extensive collection of later Scouter Newsletters (1987-2004)

District Key 3 Award

The following Scouters have received the Scatacook District Key 3 Award for Service to Youth:

Year Recipients
2023 Rob Areklett, Jacob Cedusky, Alvin Tuck
2022 Sabrina Doolittle, Judy Hammel, Ken Scuito
2019 Chris Barnabo, Peter Orloff, Steve Rogalski


District Award of Merit

The following members of Scatacook District have been recognized for their service with the District Award of Merit:

Year Recipients
2023 Lester McGuire, Jeff Timmons
2022 Michel Herzegovitch, Vic Granchelli
2021 Jacob Cedusky
2020 Judy Hammel, Steve Rogalski
2019 Gregg Baimel, Jeffrey Jorgenson, Jennifer Weissmann
2018 Robert Areklett, Edward “Ted” Kimble, Peter Orloff
2017 Steve Agnew, David Zeh
2016 Edwin Cruz-Zeno, John Gelinas, John Queenan
2015 George Boncek, Neil Doran, Sr., Connie Hemphill
2014 Ken Shupp
2013 Bert Vanderweerdt, Keith Watson
2012 Bruce Bowlus, Doug Dorsey, Erik Zars
2011 Dave Shuford
2010 Dave Barrett
2009 Dave Fanning, Cindy Palmer
2008 Barbara DeVeaux, Nick Gillotte, Eric Goldstein
2007 Tom O’Brien, Ed St. John
2006 Bill Calderara, Ed Wolf, Sr.
2005 Craig Dibble, Laurie Kommritz, Ray Pflomm
2004 Carol Havens, Tom Maxwell, Alvin Tuck
2003 Joe Baker, Leona Eggleston, Greg Zap
2002 Michael Carpenter, T.G. Henderson, Keith Vinchkoski
2001 Gordon Knapp, Randy Link, Jay Lubin, Bev Stevens
2000 Thomas Albanetti, Carolyn Cruson
1999 Donald Monckton, Robert O’Neill, Michael Ortega
1998 Theresa Albanetti, Wade Anderson, David Perkins
1997 Elmer Cox, Daniel Malinak, Alex Stockmal
1996 Michael Steadman, Diane Usas
1995 Stewart Schilb, Nancy Sexton, Helen Stockmal
1994 Barbara Kinzig, Eric Larson, Doug Machin, Mary Saracino
1993 Carlton Kline, Charles Sitzker, Ron Wilson
1992 Denise Carlson
1991 Vincent Nolan, William Tanner
1990 Richard Barton
1989 Rick Carlson, William Winkley
1988 Mario Delucia, John Marsicano, Michael Troy
1987 Ed DeVeaux, Frank Doherty
1986 Gerard Bent, Mary Ann Houser, Peter Johannsen
1985 Robert Grover, John Lelac, John O’Hern
1984 Anthony “Nat” Sciuto, Emile Smith, Robert Stewart
1983 Al Early
1982 Anthony Chiodo, Thomas Reed, William Sennello
1981 Ed Hamlin, Mary Ann Smith
1980 Tex Hernandez, Robert James
1979 James Behan, Jack Dibble, Chuck Reeb, Joe Strilowich
1978 Claire Dibble, Richard Palanzo, Rick Weidner
1977 Sandra Cower Simpson, John Gilbert, Mortimer Johnson, Ernest Mills, Jr.
1976 Alan Alder, Joyce Kinney
1975 Francis Lindberg, William Shepard
1974 Raul Camejo, Sr., Kathy Sherra
1973 Shirley Camejo, Herbert McKee
1972 Charles Smith, Jr.
1971 John Moran
1970 Robert Daisomont
1969 Ralph Herald
1968 Paul Grammatico
1967 Hamilton Orgelman, Frank Stone


Silver Beaver Award

The following members of Scatacook District have been recognized for their service with the Silver Beaver Award:

Year Recipients
2023 Connie Hemphill
2020 Ken Shupp
2019 Steve Agnew
2018 John Gelinas
2016 David Shuford
2015 Ed Wolf, Sr., Erik Zars
2013 Dave Barrett, Bruce Bowlus
2010 T.G. Henderson, Tom O’Brien, Greg Zap
2009 Ray Pflomm, Alvin V. Tuck, IV
2008 William Calderara
2006 Wade Anderson, Robert O’Neil
2005 Michael Carpenter, Thomas Maxwell, II
2004 Carolyn Cruson, Jay Lubin
2003 Gordon Knapp, Anthony “Nat” Sciuto
2002 Robert Payne, David Perkins
2001 Eric Larson, Douglas Machin
2000 Daniel Malinak, Donald Monckton
1999 Thomas Reed, Mary Saracino, Diane Usas
1997 Richard Barton, Frank Fehling
1996 Denise Carlson, Carlton D. Kline, Robert Parks
1994 Vincent P. Nolan, Jr.
1992 William Sennello
1990 Peter Johannsen, Sr., Gerard Robilotti
1987 Mario Delucia
1985 Al Early, Jr.
1984 Robert James, Mary Ann Post
1983 Edmund Condon, Jack Dibble, John “Chip” Poluhowich
1982 Claire Dibble, Frank H. Doherty
1980 James Behan, Shirley Camejo
1975 Charles Cowles
1974 Ralph E. Herald
1973 John O’Hern, Doris Smith
1972 Robert Daisomont, Marge McKee *
1971 Lois Beschle *, Joseph Engleberger, Donald Winkley
1970 Ernest Mills, Jr.
1969 Paul Grammatico
1966 Aldo Scudo
1963 Frank Burges
1962 Donald Melillo
1960 Frank Warner
unknown Alan Alder, Robert Beschle, Raul Camejo, Sr., Rick Carlson, Marge Casagrande, Ed DeVeaux, Sereno Jennings, Arlene Kuryla, William Kuryla, Wallace Lee, John Lucchesi, Robert Morris, Jr., Francis Northrup, Richard Palanzo, James Purcell, James Redwanz, Sol Robinson, Robert Ronnow, Stewart Schilb, Charles Smith, Jr., Ed St. John, William Tappan, Michael Troy, Ron Willson, Kenneth Woodcock


* Known to be awarded the Silver Fawn.

We encourage you to nominate Scouters within our District to recognize them for their accomplishments and service within scouting. Nominations are due each year by the May Roundtable meeting so that they can be presented at the annual June District Dinner.  Please submit your nomination forms to the District Chair and/or District Commissioner.

Recognize Your Fellow Leaders!

Spark Plug

Presented to a Scout Leader or District Volunteer  who has been the “Spark” for their unit/district throughout the year.

Sparkplug Award Nomination Form.docx


District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by Districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by councils. The “DAM” award is the top award presented by Districts to Volunteers who render service of an outstanding nature at the District level.  The recipient must be nominated for the award by another Scouter, and vetted by the District Key 3. Our District is only allowed to appoint 2 of these awards per year. Any attempt at self-nomination will disqualify a candidate.

District Award of Merit


Unit Leader Award of Merit

Awarded to a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor or Skipper.  This award must be nominated by the Unit Committee Chair.

Unit Leader Award of Merit


Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award is the highest recognition that can be given to a commissioner who has consistently engaged in distinguished and exceptional commissioner service resulting in significant, positive impact to youth, units, and a district and/or council.




Key 3 Award

Given by the District Key 3, this award is given to those who least expect it but have certainly earned it for their service to Scouting. (nomination process reserved for the Key 3)


Scouter’s Training Awards

A knot to recognize 2+ years of service to your Unit and/or District Committee.





Scouter’s Keys

Further recognition for service to your Unit and/or District Committee.


Scoutmaster Key

District Committee Key



Arrowhead Award – Unit Commissioner