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Enterprise Risk Management

The Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC) has been established to systematically and proactively identify, assess, resolve health and safety issues, and any potential hazards associated with program activities, in order to protect the participants, employees, property and environment of the Connecticut Yankee Council. ERMC promotes health and safety by analyzing problems and recommending solutions for loss prevention.


Chairman Jack Boitano (203) 377-2917 jjboitano@yahoo.com
Staff Adviser Myke Morrell
(203) 876-6868, Ext. 230 michael.morrell@scouting.org
Members Dr. Bruce Backer (203) 799-2900 dr.backer.bsa@yourfootdr.com
  Wendy Bellmore (203) 215-1803 wendy.p.bellmore@snet.net
  Jack Braddock (203) 235-5596 john.braddock@cox.net
  Bob Cairns (203) 453-9935 cairnsguil@aol.com
  Steven Elzholz (203) 488-8649 selzholz@snet.net
  Scott McCurdy (203) 929-1814 scott.mccurdy@ge.com
  Thea Osseiran (203) 227-9996 tosseiran@craneco.com