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Popcorn Sales Resource Center


Welcome to the Connecticut Yankee Council's Popcorn Sales Resource Center. We've posted links to the forms, files, dates and docs you need to be a success. For more information about the sale, contact staff adviser Herb Kemp at (203) 876-6868, Ext. 275 or hekemp@bsamail.org.


Forms & Links


Kernel's Korner


Key Dates

August 21

Trail's End Popcorn Sale Kickoff

August 30

Show & Sell Order Due on Trail's End Website

September 3

Second Chance Leader's Kickoff

September 13-14

Show & Sell Popcorn Distribution - 75 Old Broadway East, North Haven (Directions)

October 25

Take Orders Due on Trail's End Website

Prize Orders Due on Council website (www.ctyankee.org/2013popcornprizes)

October 28

Show & Sell Returns Due. No Exceptions! Only unopened and undamaged popcorn may be returned. Do NOT write on the boxes of cases.

Show & Sell Payments Due.

November 8-9

Take Order Popcorn Distribution - 75 Old Broadway East, North Haven (Directions)

November 27

Final Payments Due

December 13

Final Prize Order Deadline