The Connecticut Yankee Council and Sailaway Sailing School embark on a new journey together

Dear friends,
Please allow us to introduce ourselves. The Connecticut Yankee Council is the local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America, providing programs and services to more than 7,000 girls and boys and 3,000 volunteers in Fairfield, New Haven and parts of Hartford counties.  When we heard that Beth Wright was retiring after 16 years of running one of the best sailing schools on the coast, we jumped at the chance to continue the legacy she built for the youth in our community.

Missions Aligned

For the past 16 years Beth has run the Sailaway Sailing School with this mission in mind: to have fun, make friends, and learn to sail the Long Island Sound. Our mission to serve the girls, boys and families of coastal Connecticut compliments that mission perfectly. Sailing is so much more than learning to operate a boat. It’s about becoming competent in safety and skills, being a leader while working with a team, and learning to love and respect being on the water, all while having a blast!

Expand Their Sailing Experiences

The Sailaway program is a compliment to our co-ed Sea Explorers, Sea Scout and Venturing programs. Kids from 10-14 can spend 2 weeks at Sailaway Sailing School learning to safely sail small boats. Then, if they want to continue to learn beyond summer sailing school, they can join our year-round Sea Explorers Club for girls and boys ages 10-13 with a focus on exploring nautical careers. At age 14 they can move up to becoming a Sea Scout with official advancement opportunities or join a Sea Venturing Crew where sailing lovers concentrate on adventures.  With Sea Scouts and Venturing they’ll have opportunities to sail big boats, learn seamanship, oceanography, navigation, boating maintenance, first aid and more

Registration Is Open

Our goal is to keep Sailaway the special school that it is. Registration is open for 2022 and we want it to run like it always has.  We hope to get to know you and your kids and provide the best experience possible. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions about the Council or any of our Boy Scouts of America programs.

2022 Schedule

June 27 to July 8
July 11 to July 22
July 25 to August 5
August 8 to August 19
Two week sessions, Monday to Friday
Two classes daily, 9am-12:30pm and 1:30-5pm