Escape from Kilauea at Deer Lake Scout Reservation!
January 17th – 19th.

Aloha Wahine’s and Ka’ne’s, Mahalo for considering our beautiful island paradise for your Klondike destination this year.
E komo Mia Hale, Shaka!

  • Make a bridge over a pool of lava and test its strength
  • Navigate through a Lava field without getting burnt
  • Oh No! One of your scouts got burnt, time to go to the first aid station
  • Make a sacrifice to Pele’ the Goddess of fire
  • You need wood to make a bridge, go cut up a palm tree.
  • Ash is everywhere; make a shelter from the pyroclastic flow
  • Dodge lava rocks and coconuts at the obstacle course
  • Decorate your sled Hawaiian Style

For questions or camping arrangements, please contact the Kamehameha twins (Ed Gratrix or Hugh Welch) and for reservations and camping arrangements

Download the Leader’s Guide Rev A here!

Download the SPL and Patrol Leader Guide Rev A!

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