Can you capture the Yeti?


The Yeti is a mysterious bipedal creature said to live high in the mountains of Asia. Recently it was spotted at Hoyt Scout Reservation. Make plans to organize your expedition to head north to Hoyt for Klondike Survivor 2 Expedition Yeti.  The KLONDIKE DERBY gives Scouts a chance to experience the trials and tribulations of the Klondike Trail as well as to enjoy the spirit of accomplishment in a winter setting. In addition, to fun, this is a learning experience and practice in teamwork, leadership, scouting skills and BEING PREPARED!

Troop 14 Presents

   Powahay District Klondike Derby

                              Survivor 2- Expedition Yeti

Details, details, details…..

When:  January 25-27, 2019

Where:  Hoyt Scout Reservation, Redding CT. (Lower Hoyt)

   Cost:     $15/Youth and $12/Adult.

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Klondike Derby 2019 will start with optional camping Friday night with Troops being able to set up anytime after 5 PM. Troops arriving Saturday should be prepared for opening ceremonies by 9 AM. Troops can camp one night, two nights or just come for the day.


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