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Your purchases are completely confidential: the Council has absolutely no record of who is purchasing what item. Shopping through this Council Affiliate internet link does not affect the price of the products, your account, shipping (free or otherwise), or any reward points or rebates you may have earned.


AND…tell (or ask nicely) your company’s Purchasing Manager to use our affiliate link for all business purchases.

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If you would like to learn more about the Council’s Internet Shopping Policy, contact us. If you have questions or feedback for the Council on this program, please contact us. Remember your lessons from Wood Badge: feedback is a gift.


As you might guess, the Council has no control over this or any other retailer with whom we may partner, so if you have ANY issue with ANY retailer, regarding a product, pricing, or your account, you must contact the retailer directly.


And THANK YOU for helping support Connecticut Yankee Council and Scouting in Connecticut.