Powahay Cub Scout Polar Bear

Saturday, February 1, 2020
9:30 AM to 3 PM
Regular Fee $20/Youth $20/Adult
Early Bird $15/Youth and $12/Adult if paid by January 24, 2020


We are back at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center for another Cub Scout Polar Bear with a fun “Critters & Cryptids” program. Cryptids are creatures whose existence is based on alleged sightings and recordings. Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids to analyze in a scientific fashion. Join us for a winter day of fun as Scouts become “Cryptozoologist” to study these mystical creatures as well “critters” that really do exist.

Eight Action Stations — Both Indoor and Outdoor Stations

  1. Cryptozoology: Real or Reality — While the existence of the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster are still unknown, there are many animals like the giant squid and okapi that really do exist. Test your knowledge in our Real or Reality cryptid trivia.
  2. Fabulous Furbearers– Discover the largest mammals that really live in CT- black bear, moose, deer, and coyote—in this hands-on artifact lab.
  3. Magical Beasts and Where to Find them: Discover some real-life magical beasts up close and personal!
  4. Oh Yeti!: A twist on the game Oh Deer!, Oh Yeti! Will give some chances to run while learning about how predator-prey relationships work and what the carrying capacity of an area is. Outdoor Station
  5. Planetarium — Animals in the Sky: Discover the stories behind some of the common constellations in our sky and what time of year we can see them.
  6. Heckscher WILD! self-exploration: 20 minutes of self-exploration in our Heckscher WILD! exhibit. The exhibit will be staffed but there would be no formal program.
  7. A Life in the Wild by Thomas D. Mangelsen photo exhibition. Mangelsen has spent over 40 years filming and photographing nature and wildlife from all over the world. A Life in the Wild is an exhibition containing 40 of Mangelsen’s most resonant images.
  8. Yeti Challenge – Leave No Trace… Big Foot (Yeti) has been doing it for years! A District run station featuring the Yeti. We’ll take Scouts through the Cub Scout the requirements for the “Leave No Trace Awareness Award”. Plus learn about upcoming Scouting activities and programs.



Attention Cub Leaders — Let’s break out of the ‘recruiting season’ and welcome new Cub Scouts this winter
The Polar Bear provides a great “Bring A Buddy Event” 

Cub Scouts are encouraged to hold events where they invite a friend to join them and give their friends a taste of Scouting! The Polar Bear is the perfect event to show the excitement of Cub Scouts. You can download a suggested invite flyer below.
• Packs are responsible for collecting the fees and registering your guests.
• We cannot accept walk-ins so pre-registration is required and by Friday, January 24, 2020, or 300 sign-ups — whichever comes first.
BRING A BUDDY INVITE CLICK HERE TO  downloaded in MSWord format to allow Packs to personalize the invite copy. You may want to invite “Bring A Buddy Guest” to your next Pack Meeting to collect the fees.

Questions? info@powahay.com