NEW – Connecticut Yankee Council

Webelos College

 Nov 11, 2023

Easton Country Day School — 660 Morehouse Rd, Easton, CT 06612

Presenting the Yo-Yo Adventure


Free Duncan Yo-Yo for Registrations received by November 1, 2023 (or 200 paid registrations — whichever comes first).

Fees include 2 to 4 Webelos Pins, lunch, a patch, Webelos College diploma, John Higby Yo-Yo Guy Special Entertainment, school and program fees.

  • $30.00 Morning or Afternoon Periods Includes 2 Webelos Pins Selections. Lunch and all above included.

  • $45.00 Both Morning and Afternoon Periods. Includes up to 4 Webelos Pins. Lunch and all above included.

Join us for a action-packed day of earning adventure pins, special programs, and lunch. We are also celebrating Veterans Day with a “Salute to Veterans” at the opening ceremonies.

Offering 9 Webelos Pins with morning and afternoon sessions and lunch. Webelos can select 2 Adventure Pins in either the morning or afternoon sessions. Click on the listed pins below for requirements.

  1. Art Explosion
  2. Aware and Care
  3. First Responder
  4. Build A Better World
  5. Earth Rocks
  6. Engineer
  7. Game Design
  8. Sportsmanship
  9. Preview Adventure Protect Yourself Rule
  10. YoYo Preview Adventure

THE YO-YO GUY IS COMING! To preview the YO-YO Adventure Pin.  We are bringing in Yo-Yo entertainer John Higby during the lunch period. John holds the world yo-yo champion title and 4 Guinness World Records. The Yo-Yo Guy is an interactive performance with yo-yos, a unicycle, and a giant yo-yo that John walks on!

Questions and/or to join our Webelos College emails contact John Hanks at

For scheduling and more information please download the PARENTS/LEADER GUIDE