Selling popcorn with Scouting is a great way to teach Scouts how to be entrepreneurial, raise money to fund their adventures, and be visible in their community- all while having a blast! Plus, this year we have great prizes for Scouts and units to earn. So get selling!

Unit Prize: Pizza & Ice Cream Party

  • Unit Sets Goal
  • Exceed Unit Goal by 20%

Top Youth Seller in Council:

$500 gift card

Top Seller Celebration

  • 50 Top sellers in Council over $1500
  • Exclusive party on 12/18
  • Prize Giveaways

* * Fill-a- Form Promotion * *

Fill up a Take Order form and get an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  Increase your chances by filling up multiple forms throughout the five-month sale.  Drawings will be conducted on August 30th, September 30th and November 30th.

2021 Product Listing

Microwave Butter 6pk ($10)

Caramel Popcorn Bag ($10)

Purple Popping Corn Jar ($12)

White Cheddar Cheese Tin ($15)

Honey Roasted Peanuts ($15)

Microwave Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn ($15)

Microwave Extra Butter Roasted Summer Corn 14pk ($15)

Classic Trail Mix ($20)

Cinnamon Crunch Popcorn Tin ($20)

Microwave Movie Theater Extra Butter 22pk ($25)

Supreme Caramel w/ Almonds & Pecans Tin ($25)

Chocolatey Drizzled Caramel Tin ($25- Take Order Only)

$30 Military Donation ($30- Take Order Only)

3-Way Cheesy Cheese Tin ($35- Take Order Only)

Chocolatey Treasures Tin ($60- Take Order Only)

Who to Call:

Council Staff Advisor– Jason Messier 860-841-1141

Campmaster Contact: Steve Martin 317-910-1205


Powahay Jim Patterson | Scatacook Jason Messier 860-841-1141 jason.messier@scouting.orgPomperaug Gabe Zayas 203-414-5196 | Quinnipiac Joe Ushchak 203-687-7599

2021 Popcorn Dates:

Date                    Event                                 Location

6/24                    June Popcorn Kickoff                    Milford Elks

7/14                    Popcorn Virtual Training              Online TBA

7/21                    Popcorn Virtual Training              Online TBA

7/29                   July Popcorn Kickoff                   American Legion Post 12 (Norwalk)

8/3                       Popcorn Virtual Training              Online  TBA

8/6                       Show & Sell Orders Due     

8/27-8/28            Warehouse Pickup Show& Sell   Furniture Row

10/29                  Show & Sell Returns Due             CYC Office Milford

11/6                    Take Order Orders Due      

12/3-12/4           Warehouse Pickup Take Order   Furniture Row

12/17                  Final Payments Due                      CYC Office Milford

12/18                  All Prize Orders Due            

12/18                  Top Seller Celebration                  TBA