Welcome to the Pomperaug District page! We are excited to bring Scouting’s mission and adventures to young men and women across Southeastern Fairfield County. As District leaders, our goal is to ensure the growth and success of units in our great communities. We work with our chartered organizations and community groups to organize and grow Scouting units. Join us on the adventure of Scouting.

Yours in Scouting,

Gabe Zayas, District Chair | Gene Waring, District Commissioner | Bill Reynolds, District Director 

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District Goal Status - 8/9/22

Membership Campaign - Youth (--326 youth) 81.4%
Membership Campaign - Units (--2 units) 96.6%
Fundraising - District Leadership Campaign (--$3,500) 30.0%
Fundraising - Family Campaign (--$21,764) 13.0%
Fundraising - Matching Gifts (--$2,546) 15.0%
Fundraising - Community Campaign (--$9,458) 5.0%

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